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Authors: Jiang Wei Wu, Peng Wang
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Abstract:In port crane industry, the surface hardening technique is widely used in order to improve the strength of wheel. But the hardening depth is...
Authors: Li Gong Sun, Xiang Wen Sun, Fei Xiang, Su Juan Li
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Abstract:This paper designs a dual core structure robot controller, using the resource of FPGA and the method of customizing Nios II dual core...
Authors: Jin Sheng Ma, Xin Tao Liu, Da Min Zhuang, Shao Guo Wang
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Abstract:According to the ventilation and heat issues of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal Station Transportation Center (GTC), based...
Authors: Rui Zhao, Lu Sun, Rui Li
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Abstract:A new solution to geometrically nonlinear problems is presented. It has been found that the deflection curve equation expressed in terms of...
Authors: Jian Mei Xu, Lun Bai
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Abstract:The coefficient of variation of the raw silk size objectively expresses the fluctuating characteristics of the raw silk size, and is an...
Authors: Lu Sun, Rui Zhao, Rui Li
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Abstract:Static method and energy method are two mainly solution methods for structure calculation presently. Static method often appears insoluble...
Authors: Xiao Min Luo, Peng Ni Li, Dong Qiu Wu, Hui Jun Ren
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Abstract:SO42-/ZrO2 solid super-strong acid catalyst was prepared by supersonic immersion method and the catalysts...
Authors: Yun Jing Ji, Chun Yong Wang, Bao Min Bian, Zhen Hua Li
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Abstract:Electrical effect induced by the laser plasma was investigated with an external tiny probe during Nd:YAG high-power pulse laser ablation on...
Authors: Ming Gang Shen, Lei Zhang, Zhen Shan Zhang
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Abstract:In this paper, hydraulic model experiment is performed for comparing the agitation ability of the coherent blowing and the top-bottom...
Authors: Toshio Haga, R. Nakamura, T Ymabayashi, T Tsuge, S. Kumai, H. Watari
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Abstract:A vertical tandem positioned twin roll caster and an unequal diameter twin roll caster were used in this study. Factors which affected the...
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