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Authors: Jian Hui Tian
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Abstract:A multiscale particle method with the intermediate oscillator is studied further in this paper. Whole domain is divided into atom domain and...
Authors: Zhen Zhang Liu, Yi Jun Wang, Tien Fu Lu
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Abstract:The detection of a dangerous emission source location has the potential to be enhanced by using plume-tracing mobile robots, without...
Authors: Qing Yi Cui, Ya Wei Wang, Min Bu
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Abstract:In order to settle the influence of measuring results of particles with its shape-variety, the scattering pulse width and peak distribution...
Authors: Jin Hui Zhang, Zhi Wen Wang, Di Yuan
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Abstract:In this paper the entropy right-TOPSIS method is used, using entropy method to set weight is more effective than the use of subjective...
Authors: Song Bo Zhang, Jing Lv
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Abstract:By using the FLUENT software, the flow and heat transfer properties of several elliptical tubes were numerically studied. The mathematical...
Authors: Qian Wang, Jing Wang, Heng Song Ji, Chen Gu
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Abstract:Based on the in-cylinder hydrokinetics and by coupling the multidimensional model of in-cylinder combustion and verifying the rationality of...
Authors: Quan Run Liu, Hao Xia
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Abstract:Pyrolysis and hydropyrolysis of Chinese Datong coal was carried out at temperature from 350 to 650°C,under pressure of 2Mpa in a fix-bed...
Authors: Ji Bin Zhao, Xiu Li Li
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Abstract:The principle of inking system in sheet-feed printing press is introduced. Some tests on ink thickness are performed and the experiment...
Authors: Lin Li, Xian Jun Lu, Jun Qiu
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Abstract:The research has conducted a experimental research on the issues in modifier of flotation process in a molybdenum ore concentrating mill in...
Authors: Jian Min Chen, Meng Zhang
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Abstract:The paper firstly introduces the principle and mode of electromagnetic induction heating. Accordingly the basic equations of electromagnetic...
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