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Authors: Zhao Wang, Min Huang
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Abstract:The uncertain parameters of the structures are expressed by interval variables, and the governed equations of the structural system are...
Authors: Lu Chen, Jian Xin Zhou, Hong Wang, Xiao Yuan Ji
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:Performance appraisal, an effective method for human resource management, is getting increasing attention by more and more foundry...
Authors: Xiao Yuan Ji, Jian Xin Zhou, Dun Ming Liao
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:There are many studies about foundry process design, foundry quality control, and foundry methods selection; however few researches have been...
Authors: Li Jun Song, Kang Qu Zhou
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:Based on the task allocation problem in customer collaborative design ,which is a new product innovation mode, the task allocation was...
Authors: Tian Bao Sheng, Yan Liang Zhang, Qing Yun Wei
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:The demand for coal keeps on increasing with the development of economy. However the short period of mine construction is apt to formulate...
Authors: Xin Yue Xu, Jun Liu, Hai Ying Li, Lu Min Zhao
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:Each year, according to Chinese and European statistics, there are many serious injuries and even fatalities of travelers into subway transit...
Authors: Can Can Zhao, Xiao Dong Zhang, Shao Juan Lei, Jun Jiang Qiu
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:Supply chain simulation is a fundamental approach for supply chain prediction, management, evaluation, and improvement. In order to simulate...
Authors: Liang Han, Cai Lan Lin
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:With the main problems which exist on the key customer management and the characteristics of high costs and high returns on the domestic...
Authors: Peng Wang, Xue Jun Li, Xin Huang
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:Manufacturing execution system is the link in the process of enterprise implementation information integration.Structured simplified model of...
Authors: Liang Han, Xin Xin Li
Production and Operation Management
Abstract:The low-carbon economy already became the tendency of global development, and logistics holds the important position in the low-carbon...
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