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Authors: Li Qi Yi, Ke Qin Ding, Cai Fu Qian
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Abstract:In this paper, a method for calculating deformation of long-distance pipeline by using strain is presented. We analyze the pipe as a beam....
Authors: Ju Tao Zhang, Jian Feng Yan, Sheng Rong Gong, Dong Lin Pu
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Abstract:The eccentricity coextrusion flow of polymer melt was analyzed based on finite element simulations. Such simulated results as the fields of...
Authors: Bin Wu, Jing Kang, Yue Gang Luo
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Abstract:This paper proposes a gear fault diagnosis method based on cyclostationary degree and Hidden Markov Model (HMM) theory. By using the...
Authors: Dave Ta Teh Chang, Yuh Show Tsai, Horng Cheh Lee, Li Lun Guo, Kai Chun Yang
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Abstract:The research dealed with using Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) in the application of tunnel environmental monitoring purpose. First put of this...
Authors: Qing Luo, Xin Ping Li, Ye Liu
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Abstract:At present, paper industry has a lot of problems in China, such as the shortage of forest resources and high cost of pulping. Paper industry...
Authors: Bao Ku Qi, Yu Qu, Jing Ming Zhao
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Abstract:In this paper, green construction project management concepts, analysis the green project management research status of our country, on this...
Authors: Yuan Yuan Yu, Dai Di Fan
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Abstract:The complex of human-like collagen (HLC) with copper (Ⅱ) was synthesized and analyzed in the present study, and the investigation was...
Authors: Zhao Qin Han, Jing Ye, Zhen Wang, Jie Liu, Shu Xia Yu
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Abstract:With the support of RS, GIS and FRAGSTATS techniques, the landscape pattern has been analyzed quantitatively in Dianchi basin by 16 commonly...
Authors: Jin Xu, Jing He
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Abstract:This paper are doing responsive and exploratory test of the pile bearing capacity for squeezing soil. In order to provide the basis for...
Authors: Jian Jun Wu, Yong Wang, Qing Xie
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Abstract:Because of unscientific evaluation methods for the community infomatization level, the paper analysis various factors affecting the community...
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