Materials and Manufacturing

Volumes 299-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Liang Yu, Wei Min Li

Abstract: Based on ANSYS finite element analysis software for the platform the hoister spindle device overall assembly analysis were accomplished by...

Authors: Juan Zhou, Cun Guo Lin, Dong Xia Duan

Abstract: The development of novel nontoxic antifouling paint has led to the need for better test methods to evaluate their performance. The adhesion...

Authors: Kan Shi, Ji Qiang Xia, Chun Jie Wang

Abstract: Oval bevel gear is a kind of noncircular bevel gear which can achieve variable transmission between intersecting axes. We design the pitch...

Authors: Qi Gao, Cheng Ying Li, Hong Zeng, Lei Bo Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the characteristics and design rules of piston skirt middle-convex ellipse surface are studied, and the piston skirt profile...

Authors: Jun Hua Che, Qian Zeng, Zhen Qiang Sun, Ping Zhang Wang

Abstract: High-speed sewing performance which determines the performance and quality is the core technology of the industrial high-speed sewing...

Authors: Jun Fang Ni

Abstract: The models of resources and manufacturing processes, which aim at the production system of the resin dry transformers, are constructed by...

Authors: Wei Ding, Xin Yu Wang

Abstract: In accordance with the geometrical parameters deduction process for the fully intermeshing twin screw, analysis and calculation of the...

Authors: Li Hui Lu, Ding Fan, Jian Kang Huang, Ming Zhu, Yu Shi

Abstract: Due to strong heat accumulation and low surface tension of aluminum alloy, weld width will become wider, even subsidence in pulsed MIG...

Authors: W. Wang, Y. M. Cai, Y.J. Xie

Abstract: Stress intensity factor is one of the most important parameters in fracture mechanics. Based on the principle of virtual work and bending...

Authors: Hui Lv, Yuan Ying Qiu, Ying Sheng

Abstract: In the work environment, the structure of aircraft’s hydraulic pipes and the fluid inside constitute a typical fluid-structure interaction...


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