Materials and Manufacturing

Volumes 299-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Mao, Guo Wei Mo

Abstract: In the cable car work process, the performance of valve control motor system directly influences the drum controlling accuracy and...

Authors: Chun Bao Huo, Chun Ling Liu, Cai Juan Zhang

Abstract: Design and implementation of system of wireless-monitoring for goods train is based on ZigBee technology. The system is consisted of ZigBee...

Authors: Yu Jun Tong, Jun Zhou, Wen Ge Xie, Dan Jia

Abstract: Association rules mining is an important branch of data mining. Apriori algorithm is a classical algorithm of mining association rules....

Authors: Yang Yu, Wei Wang, Shao Cheng Tong

Abstract: The problem of H∞ control for networked interconnected system with unknown disturbance is discussed. The Takagi-Sugeno (T-S)...

Authors: Yue Ling Jiang, An Jiang, Wen Ge Xie, Dan Jia, Yu Jun Tong, Wen Shi Chen

Abstract: In this paper, it is first time that partial squares sum combined with orthogonal design according to the characteristics of quality...

Authors: Yong Cao, De Jun Luo, Hua De Li

Abstract: An iterative learning servo controller with RBF network feed-forward position compensation is proposed to control the mover of permanent...

Authors: Xiao Yun Hou

Abstract: A novel quasi-resonant single-stage single-switch PFC flyback converter is analyzed. By the additional winding, power factor correction can...

Authors: Yu Lin Dong, Wen Chong Cui, Di Hu

Abstract: With the rapid progress of Computer and automatic technology, automatic control has widely used in the production, which brings fresh vigor...

Authors: Bao Chun Lu, Yi Liu, Bao Guo Li, Jin Wang

Abstract: A new Structural analysis method of voltage stability in large power grid is proposed based on the eigenvalue Method in this paper. the...

Authors: Jian Liang Sun, Yan Peng, Bo Ma, Hong Min Liu, Su Wen Chen, Bin Bin Sun, Gang Liu

Abstract: The heavy shell ring rolling process was taken as subject investigated. Because the size of shell ring is very large and the material of...


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