Materials and Manufacturing

Volumes 299-300

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Authors: Yi Li, Jia Jun Zhou, Jian Yong Han, Chang Zhang

Abstract: To ensure the carrying safety and long-term durability of nuclear waste, using orthogonal mix proportion design and incorporating steel,...

Authors: Jing Yuan Yu

Abstract: Porous Al2O3 ceramic/Al2O3 ultrafine particle/epoxy new composites were fabricated using the...

Authors: Yan Hui Liu, Jing Long Gao

Abstract: Polypropylene(PP)/carbon nanotube(CNTs) nanocomposites with different CNTs fraction were prepared by the melting blend method. The effects...

Authors: Jing Long Gao, Yan Hui Liu

Abstract: In this work, the carbon nanotubes(CNTs) were reinforced with polypropylene(PP)matrix resins to improve the electrical and thermal...

Authors: An Yuan Jiao, Feng Hui Wang, Si Qing Yang

Abstract: Large cross-section composite rectangular steel tubes with ceramics inner liner, which can be used directly, and also cut into the ceramics...

Authors: Chun Wang, Xuan Ming Zhang, Xiao Wang

Abstract: The large sandwich structure composed of thin-walled aluminum alloy panels, and variable thickness of honeycomb or Polymethacrylimide (PMI)...

Authors: Chun Wang, Xuan Ming Zhang, Chun Ying Tang

Abstract: Composite sandwich structures are extensively used in the aerospace, wind power, sports equipment, shipbuilding, automotive and train...

Authors: A.A.S. Ghazi, K. Chandra, P.S. Misra

Abstract: To develop a high density brake pad for low duty application, a P/M route based on ‘Hot Powder Preform Forging’ was developed, which is not...

Authors: Kun Yu Shi, Tao Shen, Li Hong Xue, Chun Hao Chen, You Wei Yan

Abstract: Nanocrystalline CuCr50 alloys were fabricated by means of mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering. The influence of milling time on...

Authors: Yan Feng Zhu

Abstract: Considering the very large direct starting current of three-phase asynchronous motor, this paper presents a design method of asynchronous...


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