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Authors: Hong Zhang, Qian Qian Wang, Heng Xue Xiang, Xiao Lei Wang

Abstract: The cross-linking degree of polyethylene glycol acrylate (PEGA) gel by free-radical solution polymerization was investigated in which PEGA...

Authors: Hong Zhang, Xiao Lei Wang, Qian Qian Wang

Abstract: Semi-IPN phase change material (PCM) which is suitable for the temperature adjustment textile field is prepared by solution...

Authors: Lei Xin Meng, Lian Zhu Zhang

Abstract: UV (ultraviolet) sensor is widely used in many fields such as missile early warning, spacecraft autonomous navigation, global positioning...

Authors: Ping Shi, Xue Dong Han

Abstract: Magnesium alloys are being used as structural components in industry because of their high strength to weight ratio. But their high...

Authors: Lun Hai Yin, Rui Bai, Wan Li Guo

Abstract: Raw slurry blending process is the key process in the sintering alumina production. In this blending process, raw materials are alkali...

Authors: Qiang Li, Jing Yuan Yu, Guo Chao Qi

Abstract: Gradient porous NiTi alloys were fabricated by powder metallurgy method using NH4HCO3 as space-holder. The effect of...

Authors: Li Dan Tang, Bing Wang, Jian Zhong Wang

Abstract: Transparent ZnO:Al films deposited by RF/DC magnetron sputtering in room temperature are annealed under gaseous ammonia ambient and air...

Authors: Rong Juan Yang, Zong De Liu

Abstract: The effect of micro-beam plasma arc (MPA) surface remelting Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) sheets was investigated. The results show that more...

Authors: Huan Ming Chen, Min Luo, Xin Li, Xin Xin Lin, Dong Yang

Abstract: This paper adopted freeze casting method to prepare porous Al2O3 ceramic bodies with interconnected pore channels as a...

Authors: Pei Tang Zhao, Zhi Ming Du, Li Dong Wang, Wei Dong Fei

Abstract: The 6061Al matrix composites reinforced with SnO2-coated aluminum borate whisker were fabricated using squeeze casting method....


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