Materials and Manufacturing

Volumes 299-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zuo Fu Zhao, Jian Zhong Wang, Jin Gang Qi, Shan Dai, Dong Jun Zhang

Abstract: Taking the hypereutectic Al-Si alloy as the research object, the fading characteristics of Al-22% Si alloy at different pulse temperatures...

Authors: Jin Gang Qi, Shan Dai, Zuo Fu Zhao, Dong Jun Zhang, Jian Zhong Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the effects of electric pulse on solidified structure and graining process of near eutectic Al-5%Cu alloy have been...

Authors: Hua Qu, Wei Dong Liu

Abstract: Based on the empirical electron theory of solid and molecule, the valence electron structures(VESs) of graphite, CaS and MnS in cast iron...

Authors: Yu Guo, Hong Mei Wu

Abstract: Palladium composite membranes have been prepared by improved electroless plating on macroporous α-Al2O3 tubes. TS-1...

Authors: Ying Chun Zhou, Qi Jian Zhang

Abstract: The amorphous Fe78Si9B13 alloy was treated by low frequency pulse magnetic field (LFPMF). The microstructure was observed by...

Authors: Yun Han Li, Qiu Hong Yang, Shen Zhou Lu

Abstract: Yttrium Lanthanum Oxide transparent ceramics were fabricated with (Y0.9La0.1)2O3 powders...

Authors: Hua Qu, Wei Dong Liu

Abstract: Based on the empirical electron theory of solids and molecules and the basic theory of the phase transformation of titanium alloys, a new...

Authors: Ping Long, Qing Fen Li, Li Kun Xu, Li Li Xue, Yong Lei Xin

Abstract: Ti/(Ru,Ir)Ox, and Ti/(Ru,Ir,La)Ox oxide electrodes were prepared by using thermal decomposition of the metal chlorides...

Authors: Li Li Xue, Ping Long, Huan Wei, Ying Liang

Abstract: Hemocompatibility is a key property of biomaterials that come in contact with blood. Surface modification has shown great potential for...

Authors: Yan Jun Zhou, Hui Ling Du, Ping Qi, Ai Min Liu

Abstract: In the present study, design of experiments (Orthogonal experiment) was used to find an optimal combination for the factors, which affect...


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