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Authors: Jia Hua Min, Xiao Yan Liang, Bin Wang, Yue Zhao, Yun Guo, Lin Jun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the structure, electrical and optical properties and stabilities of Ag doped p-type ZnO thin films, prepared by...

Authors: Xing Jiang Liu, Jian Zhong Wang, Jin Gang Qi

Abstract: The influence of different broaching rate, the training of thermo-mechanical cycle and Electro-pulse Modification (EPM) on the shape memory...

Authors: Qiao Qun Yu, Jin Ma, Cai Na Luan, Ling Yi Kong, Zhen Zhu

Abstract: Single crystalline ZnO thin films have been deposited on epi-GaN/sapphire (0001) substrates by the metalorganic chemical vapour deposition...

Authors: Guo Chao Qi, Sam Zhang, Qiang Li, Feng Jun Shan, Jing Yuan Yu, Qiang Da Yang, Qu Kai Zhang, Chun Ming Liu

Abstract: A series of the magnesium apatite coatings according to...

Authors: Ming Feng Fang, Guo Yuan Lu

Abstract: A novel calix[4]arene chromophore 1 was synthesized by introduction of two D-π-A units (4-nitrophenyl)azophenyloxy groups) on the lower rim...

Authors: Guo Jin Liao, Hong Luo, Shao Feng Yan, Ming Chen

Abstract: Aluminum oxide film doped with Ce3+ has been deposited by the medium frequency reactive magnetron sputtering technique. The...

Authors: Li Zhang, Xiu Ping Dong, Hao Chen

Abstract: By designing different formulations of composites and adopting optimized technology including extrusion and molding, the different...

Authors: Jun Bao Yang, Ke Qiang Qiu, Xu Dong Lu, Zhuang Qi Hu

Abstract: The oxidation behavior of the Ni-base superalloy was studied at 850 °C and 950 °C for 100 h in air using XRD and SEM/EDAX. The mass gain of...

Authors: Jing Hai, Hai Yan Chen, Jiang Cheng

Abstract: A simple injection molding process was proposed for manufacturing polyethylene (PE) biofilm carrier composited with various powder additives...

Authors: Jia Hua Min, Xiao Yan Liang, Bin Wang, Yue Zhao, Yun Guo, Lin Jun Wang

Abstract: The NO2-sensing properties of the ZnO films prepared by EUSP were investigated. Effect of substrate temperature on the...


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