Emerging Focus on Advanced Materials

Volumes 306-307

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.306-307

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Authors: Jun Liang, Fu Ping Wang

Abstract: Mesoporous SAPO-11 was synthesized hydrothermally by using carbon black and di-n-propylamime (DPA) as templates for the expected...

Authors: Guo Liang Liu, Zheng Fan Li, Ruo Yao Ding, Chong Wen Yu

Abstract: In this paper, the application of peroxide: sodium percarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, in the chemical degumming process of ramie was...

Authors: Ye Liu, Shu Yan Qi, Zheng Ying Shi

Abstract: In this paper,bamboo pulp was chosen as the raw material on the basis of the researching on the structure and properties of the...

Authors: Chun Jiang Zhu, Hong Qiang Ru, Chen Zhang

Abstract: In order to prepare high activated ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS), tetra-isopropyl titanate was used to process GGBFS in this...

Authors: Ying Fu, Xin Yu Zhang, Nan Shil, Ji Chao Zhang

Abstract: A new coagulant, organic poly-silicic-ferric (OPSF) was prepared by adding dimethyldiallylammonium chloride (DMDAAC) in poly-silicic-ferric...

Authors: Wei Chen Song, Yu Xi Jia, Tong Fei Shi

Abstract: Based on the fouling mechanism of polymeric ultrafiltration membrane, the mathematical model to describe the fouling process of polymeric...

Authors: Yu Jun Gong, Song Shan Qiu, Ye Zhang, Jin Ping Wei

Abstract: The shockproof foam (EPE) was screened out as a cheap and efficient oil-absorbing material in this paper. The influences of the particle...

Authors: Yi Liu, Jian Min Gao, Ling Min Shao, Hong Wu Guo

Abstract: The influence of ultraviolet radiation on photo-degradation of dyed veneer surfaces of Betulacostata Trautv has been examined in this study....

Authors: Jing Kun Zhou

Abstract: This paper provides a model of strategy-oriented management of environment performance of Party and government leaders at the county and...

Authors: Yan Bin Huang, Gao Wei Song, Hua Dong Ding, Xin Hai Shao

Abstract: The dissolve behavior and cathode protection performance of Al-Zn-In-Mg-Ti anode was studied by electrochemistry impedance spectrum...


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