Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Li Zhang, Jian Zhuo Li, Yu Ren Zhang

Abstract: The operation principle of STATCOM (Synchronous Static Compensator - STATCOM) is analyzed. To improve STATCOM response speed, and to sustain...

Authors: Song Wang, Rui Jie Zhao, Wei Min Chen, Guang Da Li, Chao Liu

Abstract: In this paper, two least square algorithms, Recursive Least Square (RLS) and Windowed Least Square (WLS) are applied to identify the...

Authors: Yan Hu, Zhen Guang, Xiao Yu Wang

Abstract: A driving system for gearless traction machine plays an very important role in controlling elevator’s running. And its performances have a...

Authors: Jian Min Wang, Shi Xia Tian

Abstract: This paper analyzes the effects of stator resistance on rotor position estimation accuracy in carrier signal injection based sensorless...

Authors: Hong Ge Zhao, Jing Wei Zhu, Yin Hai Fan, Xiao Chen Zhang

Abstract: The problems existed in the traditional control strategy of Direct Torque Control (DTC) system on high-capacity motor drives and the...

Authors: Yi Biao Sun, Ya Nan Jing, Jia Kuan Xia

Abstract: The direct-drive ring permanent magnet torque motor is easily affected by parameters changes and the load torque disturbances, which reduces...

Authors: Song Gao, Xiao Xia Xu, Qin Kun Xiao, Quan Pan

Abstract: In order to improve the control performance of airborne EO tracking systems, we develop a proposed variable universe control algorithm based...

Authors: Yin Quan Hu, He Ping Liu

Abstract: Battery management hardware platform for LiMn2O4 power batteries group was built, based on features of car battery...

Authors: Yan Ping Yao, Hong Yan Zhang, Zheng Geng

Abstract: In this paper, we present theoretical analysis and detailed design of a class of wireless power transfer (WPT) systems based on strong...

Authors: Jia Jia Huan, Bo Li, Hai Feng Li, Gang Wang

Abstract: With the enlarging scale of power grids, the quantity of electric equipments is increasing and their quality is improving. Therefore, the...


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