Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Ju Li, Xi Zhang, Li Xiang Zhu

Abstract: The Catalytic Wet Oxidation (CWO) method was investigated to treat phenol cleaning wastewater from chemical container which is difficult...

Authors: Da Yong Wang, Yong Chen Song, Yi Zhang, Yu Liu, Ming Long Zhao, Tian Qi, Jia Fei Zhao

Abstract: Proper analysis of the original intergranular porosity loss of sedimentary strata is an important tool to gain insight into the influence of...

Authors: Hui Xia Lu, Jian You Wang, Shao Feng Bu

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of packing form on the performance of electrodeionization (EDI) process for...

Authors: Yu Fang Zang, Hua Zhang, Shi Lin Xu, Zi Long Wang, Tian Hui Zhang

Abstract: According to the characteristic of solar photovoltaic, this paper designed an electric supply mode, combined with the solar photovoltaic...

Authors: E. H. Wang, H. G. Zhang, B. Y. Fan, H. Liang, M. G. Ouyang

Abstract: Energy saving and environment protection are two important issues that today’s automobile industry must emphasize. Lots of heat energy waste...

Authors: Ri Chen Ji, Jun He, Ming Xing Shi

Abstract: For the single-track railway concrete-filled steel tube tied-arch bridge, since restrictions of the bridge width will inevitably lead to a...

Authors: Xiao Na Sun, Hong Guang Zhang, Xin Wang, Dao Jing Wang, Guo Yong Zheng, Xiao Na Sun

Abstract: The effects of spark advance angle on combustion and emission characteristics of a compressed natural gas engine have been investigated...

Authors: Lan Shu Jin, Xue Feng Chu, Guo Lin Lin, Bo Ying

Abstract: Under the static condition, researching zeolite 4A to the chromium ion's adsorption characteristic, discussing the influence of different...

Authors: Zhu Liang Wang, Lei Wang, De Shi Yin, Ting Fa Zhang

Abstract: The Low NOx Combustion equipment and flue gas denitrification system were largely used in 1000 MW thermal power unit boilers. The efficiency...

Authors: Yong Liang Zhang, Xing Chong Chen, Wen Jie Hou, Guo Dong Lv

Abstract: Based on mechanical properties of railway extradosed cable-stayed bridge with the rigid continuous beam system in the high-intensity...


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