Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Lei, Hong Guang Zhang, Da Sen Zhou, Xiao Lei Bai

Abstract: Pressure-wave supercharger (PWS) is one technical way to boost the engine intake air pressure. PWS has several advantages such as less...

Authors: Wei Dong Wu, Si Mei Liu, Huan Xi Hong, Sheng Xiang Chen

Abstract: Several water-based nanofluids were prepared under the action of surfactant by using ultrasonic dispersion method. The absorbency and...

Authors: Dui Xian Gao, Zhi Wei Chen

Abstract: Using the time history analytical method to study the location effecting of the braces to the lateral displace of the steel frame. Base on...

Authors: Wei Feng He, Yi Ping Dai

Abstract: Direct air-cooled power plant is popularized in north China because of the water conservation. Different from the water-cooled condenser,...

Authors: Xiang Gao, Jian Mei Feng, Yu Hong Shen, Xue Yuan Peng

Abstract: Increasing attention has been focused on capturing solution gas vented or flared from oil wells to reduce the emission of the greenhouse...

Authors: Jian Bo Chen, Fen Li, Kuang Wei Min

Abstract: This paper bring forward a new system of heat pump air-conditioner and hot water combination, base on the analysis of the advantages and...

Authors: Shu Qing Guo, Xiang Yuan Dong

Abstract: Hydrothermal degradation (HTD) experiments of lawn-grass by the catalytic action of low acid were carried out in the pilot digestor. The...

Authors: Kun Can Zheng, Zhi Wen, Xun Liang Liu, Wen Fei Wu, Xia Lan Huang, Yan Feng Wang

Abstract: On the basis of wholly analyzing the mechanism of the heat transfer in the 1880 regenerative furnace, the physical and mathematical 3-D...

Authors: Kwang Ho Yoon, Kyung Han Kim, Jae Hoon Lee

Abstract: We propose control techniques to extend the fabrication area that is the limit of traditional laser fabrication systems. The current world...

Authors: K.R. Balasubramanian, T. Suthakar, K. Sankaranarayanasamy, G. Buvanashekaran

Abstract: Laser beam welding (LBW) is a fusion joining process that uses the energy from a laser beam to melt and subsequently crystallize a metal,...


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