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Authors: Mo Zhou
Abstract: A kind of embedded CNC device based on ARM and FPGA is proposed in this article. The core of the article is the interface design between ARM and FPGA and the design of step-motor controller based on FPGA. This CNC device combined ARM’s high running speed and precision with the internal logic reconfigurable of FPGA, reducing hardware costs of CNC device, improving the resource utilization and enhancing the flexibility of the CNC device.
Authors: Fu Mao Wang, Chang Guo Wang, Lan Lan Guo, Bang Chun Wen, Yong Li
Abstract: In this paper, based on the theory of double layered vibration isolation, the finite element dynamic model of floating raft vibration isolation system has been established for the project of vibration and noise control in a heat exchange station. The dynamic model of single pump is simplified an elastic cylinder based on the principle of equivalent parameters, and the elastic raft frame is used of steel structure. The dynamic characteristics of the system is analyzed by used of ANSYS with SOLID45 unit and COMBIN14 spring-damper unit, which provide an important basis for the engineering design of floating raft isolation system with pumping units.
Authors: Ge Shi, Qing Li
Abstract: A distributed flexible strip-type soil moisture sensing and detection system based on the principle of parallel transmission line distribution parameter measurement is introduced. The changes of soil moisture in some regions will cause the changes of distribution impedance in the strip-type flexible strip-type parallel transmission line which buried in the soil, when a high-speed pulse signal transmit through the transmission line, and the changes of distribution impedance lead to a reflected signal of the pulse in time domain. The soil moisture around the transmission line can be measured by studying the reflected signal. The results of experiments shows, the distributed soil moisture measurement system is able to measure the soil moisture changes of any regions around the long-distance transmission lines. Through this transmission line sensor, it can realize the monitoring work of the soil moisture changes and gradient of changes on different layers or different regions, and the system is quite suitable for the early warning of geological disasters and agricultural scientific production applications.
Authors: Zhi Hui Li, Gang Liu
Abstract: The paper introduces a small artificial climate chamber control system based on expert knowledge, discusses the method of temperature control and parameters setting, The temperature and humidity control program can fit the expert knowledge base of different varieties of crop growth curve, consistent with the growth needs of different food crops. Taking the ganoderma lucidum as the example, the paper gives its expert knowledge base and control fitting curve. in addition, the modular design of hardware makes the whole system simple and applicable, finally, the simulation images show that this design can achieves the proper accuracy and has good effect.
Authors: Zai Ping Chen, Xing Jun Li, En Zeng Dong
Abstract: Atmospheric and vacuum furnace is a complex control object, in particular, combustion system and multi-branch feeding the outlet temperature control system is interconnected multiple-input and multiple-output coupling multivariable time-varying systems. Using multivariable decoupling control methods will have better control effect, but in fact, because of the nonlinear time-varying systems, and other factors, it is difficult to obtain more accurate mathematical model of the system. Based on CARIMA model, a distributed lags model is constructed in this paper. In the numerical simulation, the proposed model has a excellent recognition result, can achieve an arbitrary precision according to actual requirements.
Authors: Yue Mei Han
Abstract: With the development of robot technology some robots have been seen in the field of entertainment. Dance robot’s mechanical structure is the motion mode with several free degrees drove by electric motor. The blocking idea was impenetrate in hardware design and the CPU was high-quality single-chip AT90S8535.The technology PWM with width modulation combined with three subprograms and main program were adopted in the software so that the dance robot can complete all the action arranged in advance.
Authors: Qi Zhang, Li Hou, Yan Tang, Song Liu
Abstract: Uncertainties in the servo system may cause the deterioration of the control quality of the electro-hydraulic servo system, and even lead to its instability. To solve this problem , this paper proposes a sliding model control (SMC) strategy with gray prediction and compensation by making use of gray prediction to identify and compensate parameter perturbation and external disturbance. Given the quality and stability of servo system will be effected by the chartering phenomenon in the SMC, this paper proposes an approach to overcome the chattering a mixed reaching law approach. The proposed control strategy improves anti-disturbance, anti-parameters perturbation capability and reduces the chattering problem. Simulation and experiment indicated that: external disturbance and parameter perturbation of the servo system can be effectively predicted and compensated by the proposed control strategy, and the problem of chattering was also inhibited obviously; the anti-interference and anti-parameters perturbation ability, stability and control quality of the system were improved.
Authors: Yi Wang Wang
Abstract: There are serious nonlinear, variable strongly coupling characteristic in traditional fan filter units (FFU) motor, and its electromagnetic relationship is hard to analyze. In order to solve these problems, and because the FFU motor has serious nonlinear, variable strongly coupling characteristic, a control system for FFU motor speed regulation is carried out based on the variable universe fuzzy theory, which can modify universe according to the change of inputs. The simulation analysin and experimental results are prposed and verified the power supply can more effectively achieve the FFU fan motor variable frequency speed regulation control than traditional methods and the performance of the proposed control strategy.
Authors: Lan Tang, Lin Xie, Ming Wen Wang, Hai Yun Gan
Abstract: This paper introduces CCP(CAN Calibration Protocol) basic principle, comumunication mode, work mode for ECU calibration, and design a calibration system based on CCP. It has many general-purpose features: such as high communication speed and excellent compatibility, and provide custom-made function aim at different demand of users.
Authors: Hai Bo Tian, Zong De Fang, Fan Jun Meng, Xiao Fang Yang
Abstract: Obstacle negotiation capability is important to a mobile robot. A wheel-legged robot with symmetrical structure was presented It has four independent wheel-legged articulations which can generate a series of conFigureurations to improve its trafficability. The obstacle negotiation capability of the robot was studied. Its step-climbing process was described, and the geometrical and dynamic model for the process was built. Based on comprehensively considering geometrical and dynamic constraints, the method to work out the maximal step height that the robot can get across was brought forward. Then the method to work out the maximal slope angle was also provided. Finally the experiment to verify the above methods was done. The research mentioned above would provide a theoretical foundation to improve the robot’s adaptability in complicated environments.

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