Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chuan Fei Wang, Gang An, Fan Jie Yang

Abstract: Aim at the non-stationary and time-variation characteristic of the gear-box fault signal, proposing a condition identify method for gear-box...

Authors: Hong Yan Li, Xiu Ping Yue

Abstract: Energy is an important material foundation for developing the national economy and improving human living standards. We discussed the...

Authors: Yuan Zhe Xu, Hong Zhen Chen, Shu Jing Ma, Chang Jun Zhao

Abstract: The tube leakage in the large power station boiler is the main reason for unplanned outage of power units. So how to prevent and control the...

Authors: Gang Lu, Lu Zhang

Abstract: A new structure of amorphous/ polycrystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells is reported. For a-Si (n+)/poly-Si (p)/poly-Si(p+)...

Authors: Xiu Lan Bao, Xin Luo

Abstract: This paper proposes a robust position controller for a precision mechatronics system, based on the quantitative feedback theory (QFT), to...

Authors: Luo Chang Wu, Hai Peng Nan, Xiang Yang Yu, Dao Li Zhao, Na Li, Chen Yuan Ma

Abstract: In this paper, the advantage of virtual instrument technology is analyzed, and vibration-monitoring system of hydropower unit based on...

Authors: Guan Qun Sun, Bin Rui Wang

Abstract: A fuzzy self-correction controller based on DSP (TMS320LF240) micro-controller was designed to solve the problem that traditional controller...

Authors: Yong Hong Zhu, Wen Zhong Gao

Abstract: Wavelet neural network based adaptive robust output tracking control approach is proposed for a class of MIMO nonlinear systems with unknown...

Authors: Li Song, Wei Guo Li, Juan Yang, Chen Yun Zhang, Tao Yan, Dong Hui

Abstract: Although many converter control circuits have been integrated digitally, digital circuits are limited by the sampling rate, the processor...

Authors: Bei Qi, Yun Feng Dong

Abstract: Now, security of network is threaten from double layers inside and outside network, the inherent defect of firewall technology makes the...


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