Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Qing Wang, Pan Pan Huang, Rong Xia Sun

Abstract: Based on virtual instrument technology the detection device of solar photovoltaic lighting system charge-discharge performance is designed,...

Authors: Yi Bing Cao, Yi Xin Hua, Jiang Shui Zhang, Xiao Lin Liu, Hui Zhang

Abstract: With the development of computer technology, the importance attached to the security of computer application systems is increasing day by...

Authors: Zheng Liu, Hua Chen

Abstract: A method for generating fabricating information of micro device from a feature-based design model is presented. With cooperative design...

Authors: Xiao Gang Ruan, Qi Yuan Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a kind of single-wheeled robot (SWR, unicycle robot). Lagrange approach is used to formulate the dynamic model of the...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Hu, Guan Yu Hu, Ji Dong Zong

Abstract: In order to get the YKK series motors to the ultimate purpose of achieving energy-efficient, and to meet the various request constraints set...

Authors: Gai Zhi Guo, Peng Ju Zhang, Zong Zuo Yu, Hai Long Wang, Yu Li Shi

Abstract: Use of µc/os-II based real-time, multi-task operating system accomplished synchronized task management and communication. An operational...

Authors: Yu Jun Guan, Hao Miao Zhou, Jian Guo Sun

Abstract: X-ray Pipe Crawler is the welding seam detection device that widely used in Oil pipeline construction of middle and far distance...

Authors: Yong Bin Hong, Cheng Fa Xu, Mei Guo Gao, Li Zhi Zhao

Abstract: A radar signal processing system characterizing high instantaneous dynamic range and low system latency is designed based on a specifically...

Authors: Jia Kuan Xia, Xing Jia Wang, Jie Zheng, Hua Zhang

Abstract: According to the reduction for efficiency of high-speed permanent magnet brushless DC motor (High-speed PM BLDC motor) by core loss of...

Authors: Hu Wen Cao, Ping Yang, Bi Zhen Bao

Abstract: According to the current requirements of bending fatigue test for flexible electronics, a bending fatigue machine based on SCM (single chip...


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