Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wang Zhen, Xue Feng Liu

Abstract: For the non-linear phenomena of the switching power supply, the discrete mathematical model of current-controlled Boost DC/DC converter has...

Authors: Qing Bo Meng, Yi Xin Yin, Gui Ling Qiao

Abstract: To accommodate deep sea walking wheel the complex characteristics of deep sea environment such as randomness, non-linear and variability,...

Authors: Feng Wang, Feng You He, De Chen Li

Abstract: A reliability mathematical model of the hoist control system based on Markov process was developed and a formula of availability and...

Authors: Ying Zhao, Jian Xu Yang

Abstract: In this paper we describe a small four-rotor UAV's autonomous flight control system. A comprehensive plan of flight control system was...

Authors: Guang Fei Liu, Su Ling Li, Lei Zhang

Abstract: This paper simulated the virtual master shaft based on the analysis of the working principle and the existing problems of the hydraulic...

Authors: Zhi Jie Tang, Yan Peng, Jun Luo

Abstract: This paper presents a novel control system for underwater vehicle. The underwater vehicle is affected by the inevitable surge and...

Authors: Meng Yao, Bao Ling Han, Qing Sheng Luo, Ting Qiang Lv, Jia Xu

Abstract: A new method of teaching method has been proposed for the palletizing robot. The principle of the method has been elaborated and a new...

Authors: Xiao Lei Wang, Liang Yang, Pan Yan

Abstract: An engineering model of solar array can reflect the real-time output voltage and current, the maximum power point voltage, the maximum power...

Authors: Xiao Ming Liu, Wan Chun Chen, Xing Liang Yin, Xiao Lan Xing

Abstract: An optical flow sensor is fabricated by using an optical navigation sensor as its core chip. The design process is detailed and an optical...

Authors: Yun Shan Liu

Abstract: We put forward the concept that introducing the methods of region partition and node optimization into original optimization of AOC, in...


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