Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wang Fang, Xiao Dan Cui, Jing Wang

Abstract: Passive power filter (PF) has problems that source impedance may strongly affect the filtering characteristics and cause system resonance in...

Authors: Xue Yuan, Xue Ye Wei, Yong Duan Song

Abstract: This paper presents a local contrast enhancement method, which is able to improve the detection performance of edge-based human detection....

Authors: Yu Fei Wang, Chang Hui Yang, Hua Xue, Xiu Yang

Abstract: In order to evaluate the harm and impact of power electronic devices on the grid and provide numerical basis for specific design of the...

Authors: Ming Zhou, Fu Qun Shao, Lin Zhang

Abstract: Ultrasonic attenuation coefficient of media phase is an important parameter in process tomography by amplitude method. At normal temperature...

Authors: Ming Hui Zheng, Qiang Zhan, Jin Kun Liu, Yao Cai

Abstract: This paper deals with trajectory tracking problem of a spherical mobile robot, BHQ-1. First, a desired velocity is obtained by proposing a...

Authors: Jian Hua Zhang, Wei Hu

Abstract: Based on the field equivalence principle and the potential function, the axial normalized pulsed power density of the microwave radiated...

Authors: Zheng Zhang, Xiao Wei Liu, Min Jiang, Guo Cheng Wan

Abstract: Present a variety of advanced PID control algorithm in the use of induction heating power supply is increasingly broad, achieving good...

Authors: Jin Liang Zhang, Cun Shan Zhang

Abstract: This paper deals with on-line parameter identification of induction motors (IM) by means of least square techniques .Using stator voltages,...

Authors: Hong Zhou He, Shao Hui Yang

Abstract: VAV air-conditioning system has the characters of nonlinear and non-stationary under the influence of many factors, so it is hard to tune...

Authors: Ya Zhou Chen, Wang Lin

Abstract: To assure the security and reliability of radio fuze, its performance must be test. A performance test system of radio fuze is developed,...


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