Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ye Min Guo, Lan Mei Wang, Rui Yong Xue

Abstract: According to the requirements of measurement of plantar pressure and shear stress in the meantime, this thesis puts forward a plan to...

Authors: Su E. Cheng

Abstract: The essay introduced the design ideas and functional features of the manufacturing execution system based on the soda ash industry, with a...

Authors: Hui Pan, Xing Cai

Abstract: Six kinds of torque-splitting and speed-converging metal V-belt IVPST were raised; their global speed ratio and torque ratio of metal V-belt...

Authors: Bao Hui Li, Bao Juan Tian

Abstract: A method for mercury high throughput rapid speciation analysis was built by short column capillary electrophoresis (SC-CE) coupled with...

Authors: Bai Qing Sun, Xiu Wei Ge, Yi Biao Sun

Abstract: In view of the characteristics of numerical control turntable servo system directly driven by permanent magnet ring torque motor, which is...

Authors: Yan Hong Li, Guo Qiang Liu, Shi Qiang Li, Hui Xia

Abstract: On the basis of contrasting the research of home and abroad, this paper studies array magnetoacoustic tomography with magnetic induction as...

Authors: Hu Gen Ma, Jian Mei Bai, Rong Jian Xie, Wen Jing Tu

Abstract: In this paper, the boiling heat transfer test rig was designed and built, while the characteristics of boiling Heat Transfer of refrigerants...

Authors: Wen Qing Huang, You Tong Zhang, Guo Jun Huang

Abstract: The precise pressure control in common rail is the prerequisite for the excellent performance of common rail diesel engine. Because of the...

Authors: Ping Luan, Jian Sheng Xie, Jin Hua Li

Abstract: Using magnetron sputtering technology, the CuInSi thin films were prepared by multilayer synthesized method. The structure of CuInSi films...

Authors: Dao Zhen Xu, Guo Zhong Zhang, Xin Zhang

Abstract: The stratified water-oil two—phase flow was modeled using VOF method in horizontal pipe and surface tension was taken into consideration...


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