Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Ge Zhang, He Li, Shi Jin

Abstract: This paper focuses on brushless doubly-fed generator (BDFG) control system used in variable speed constant frequency (VSCF) wind power...

Authors: Cheng Xiang Lv

Abstract: An AC-coupled output includes a series capacitor, while a DC-coupled output does not. This article explains the reasons for choosing either...

Authors: Zhi Gang Wang, Shan He, Jian Xin Li, Guo Jun Song

Abstract: Trilateral Flash Cycle (TFC) is particularly suitable for recovering energy from low-grade heat source. This paper presented a new...

Authors: Run Hua Liu, Yan Cui

Abstract: In the view of the shortcomings of high load fluctuation and complex operating parameters changes, the paper proposes a method, which...

Authors: Jiu Qing Liu, Wei Wang

Abstract: Based on the fusion of immune feedback mechanism for the conventional PID control technique, a new immune nonlinear PID controller is...

Authors: Fu Yong Su, Zhi Wen

Abstract: Regenerative rotary reheating furnace is a new type furnace in metallurgy industry. It can reduce cost and it is low contamination exhaust....

Authors: Xiao Rong Sun, Cui Ling Liu, Jing Zhu Wu, Hui Li

Abstract: We conduct rapid and non-destructive experimental studies on various starches based on NIR and cluster analysis (a kind of quantitative...

Authors: Hong Jun Wang, De Xiong Li, Hui Juan Qi, Li Na Liu

Abstract: e furnace of steel plant is a complex controlled object and it has the properties of nonlinear, Time-varying and delay. Its modeling and...

Authors: Chen Jing

Abstract: This paper introduced a new technology of rapid prototyping which using wood powder as its raw material based on spray technology, and...

Authors: Li Li Tang, Chun Bo Wang

Abstract: We focus on the annealing-induced changes of N-centered nearest-neighbor (NN) entironment in Ga1-xlnxNyAs1-y quaternary alloys and present a...


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