Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Jie Song, Bo Xue Tan, Jun Cheng Liu

Abstract: For the existing drawbacks in the crucible rotation vertical drop method, the control system is improved. Developed a new control system,...

Authors: Yue Jun An, Hong Liang Wen, Wen Qiang Zhao, Guo Ming Liu, Zhao Jun Meng

Abstract: In order to improve the sinusoidal level of air gap magnetic field of the traditional surface PMSM, reduce its harmonic losses and fully...

Authors: Guang Cheng Li, Li Xin Guo, Tian Tian Zhang

Abstract: The influence of the microwave propagation in the evaporation duct is studied by solving wide angle parabolic equation using Fast-Fourier...

Authors: Jing Hong Ning, Sheng Chun Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the performances of natural refrigerant R290/CO2 cascaded refrigeration system using R290 as high temperature cycle...

Authors: Qi Fei Yang, Qing Lin Meng

Abstract: The ultimate relative slip between reinforced polymer (FRP) and concrete on their bond interface is a key parameter to analyze the debonding...

Authors: Lei Liu, Qiu Yue Guo, Xin Feng Guo, Hui Qing Fan, Zhu Hai Zhong

Abstract: An experimental loop was established with API X52 steel pipes to investigate the effect of drag-reducing polymer on heat transfer in...

Authors: Man Hong Huang, Liang Chen, Dong Hui Chen, Yu Dong Yang

Abstract: Strong anion exchange (SAX) columns and oasis HLB cartridges were combined to extract trace level oxytetracycline(OTC) and high performance...

Authors: Wei Dong Wu, Hua Zhang, Wei Sheng, Zeng Yang Li

Abstract: Bubbling absorption experiments of ammonia water(NH3/H2O) solution added with FeO nano-particles were carried out in some conditions. The...

Authors: Chandan Kumar Biswas, Mohan Kumar Pradhan

Abstract: Objective of the present work is to model EDM process using ANSYS software, and to investigate the effects of most significant machining...

Authors: S. Muthukumaran, C. Vijaya Kumar, S. Senthil Kumaran, A. Pradeep

Abstract: Joining of dissimilar materials is of increasing interest for a wide range of industrial applications like nuclear, thermal power. The...


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