Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Kuan Xia, Yu Ji Zhao, Cheng Yuan Wang, Ting Dong

Abstract: In order to reduce the cogging torque in dual-rotor permanent magnet (PM) ring torque motor, the expression of cogging torque is deduced on...

Authors: Guo Ku Zhao, Shu Shi Ning, Zhao Wei Cai, Ze Qian Xu

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy of the underwater acoustic detection effectively, the digital signal acquisition circuxcA`\\it is a...

Authors: Chang Ying Xu, Quan Min Li, Chun Ling Huo

Abstract: In this article, the general design of external-rotor ferrite permanent magnet BLDC motor is required. Based on the principle of cost...

Authors: Hong Li, Jia Du

Abstract: Because of the shortage of the online adjustment of parameters in fuzzy logic controller, a fuzzy logic controller based on particle swarm...

Authors: Xing Hong Zhang, Hui Zhang, Xi Hou Chen, Xian Quan Wang, Ji Qin Feng

Abstract: Because the high precision ultrasonic flowmeter has shortcomings of expensive, the A/D conversion circuit based on ARM for the...

Authors: Si Fa Xu, Zhe Wang

Abstract: Geomembranes are installed on the bottom and sides of a landfill to protect the surrounding ground and water from being polluted by the...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Rong Hua Li, Hui Li

Abstract: In this paper, a type of control system of coke machine interlocking and automatic running on PLC is proposed. The control principle, system...

Authors: Kai Jun Wu, Yan Yan Wang

Abstract: Brushless Doubly-fed Machine (BDFM) is a new inverter-driven induction motor, and it has broad prospects in wind power generation. This...

Authors: Rui Hou, Cai Ping Li

Abstract: This paper studies the control strategy of STATCOM with LCL filter. The STATCOM sixth orders differential equations in dq coordinate...

Authors: Hong Jiang, Mei Li, Zhong Xing Li, Shao Bo Zhang

Abstract: Crash sense module of vehicle emergency call system determines whether or not the system can sense accurately the accident happened in time....


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