Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Li, Jian Xu

Abstract: PID torque damper controller was designed and PID parameters were set with RBF neural network for the torque control of large-scale variable...

Authors: Xu Sheng Wu, Wei Gao

Abstract: To solve the room-consumption and hard maintenance of the traditional independent intermediate frequency power system (IIFPS) , this paper...

Authors: Juan Wang, Guang Li Zhou

Abstract: Based on a high speed electromagnetism valve and a two side throttle slide valve, a digital shift pressure regulation valve was designed....

Authors: Zhan Feng Liu, Yuan Su, Pei Zhang

Abstract: The anaerobic methane fermentation is sensitive to temperature, the higher the temperature, the more vigorous microbial activity, higher gas...

Authors: Dong Dong Zhu, Xue Wei Zhuang, Jing Sheng, Qiang Ding

Abstract: It is of great significance on the industrial development that how to deal with the contradiction between plant’s diversity and plant’s...

Authors: Jun Wang

Abstract: To analyze the effect of high temperature on material properties of steel casing Q125 and V140 in complex deep wells, some experiments of...

Authors: Xiao Tian Zhu, Wen Yao Huang, Wen Chao Yao, Ming Hui Xiong

Abstract: Natural ventilation and air temperature in glass curtain wall was investigated. A three dimension model of a four span, three floor building...

Authors: Tong Hua Zou, Fa Li Cao

Abstract: Outdoor air load plays a significant role in the air-condition system. Reducing the quantity of fresh air can be used to achieve the goal of...

Authors: Zhong Yao Du, Rong Ju

Abstract: Recently, the wind power develops rapidly. In this paper, the mathematic model and vector control of D-PMSG are studied. This thesis...

Authors: Qing Shan Ji, Yan Qing Wu, Hong Yan Hao

Abstract: The brushless constant-voltage synchronous generators are fitted with thyristor voltage regulator excitation system. The excitation current...


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