Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Guang Qu, Yue Tian Liu

Abstract: Due to the sedimentary environment, diagenesis and tectonization, the thickness of sandstone distribution show heterogeneity, which affect...

Authors: Min Huang, Gang Wang, Hui Hui Luo, Yuan Sheng Liang

Abstract: Up to now, there is no precedent of applying two bipole lines (TBL) on the same tower technology of long-distance HVDC transmission project...

Authors: Yi Li Li, Jing Tian, Wen Jun Liang, Hong He, Yu Quan Jin

Abstract: Activated carbon derived from sewage sludge was impregnated in nitrate solution to produce a sorbent for sulfur dioxide adsorption at low...

Authors: Lin Zhuan Ma, Hua Wang, Shan Qing, Feng Li Ma

Abstract: Phosphogypsum is the gypsum as a byproduct. It caused serious environment pollution. In this study, leaching As of phosphogypsum was studied...

Authors: Hai Feng Wang, Wen Jun Yin, Meng Zhang, Jin Dong

Abstract: Advanced data assimilation method is used for the short-term wind power forecasting based on a meso-scale model. Considerable forecast error...

Authors: Yu Long He, Chun Mei Xiong

Abstract: Slurry is a necessary material in high-speed railway pile foundation construction. A lot of waste slurry which is harmful to the...

Authors: Chao Qun Hou, Xiao Mou Wang, Ling Yun Yang

Abstract: Based on analyses on mineral composition, mechanical property and hydrology property, large-scale triaxial shear test and vibration test...

Authors: Jin Fu Chen, Xiao Yu Zhu, Li Juan Ren

Abstract: Urban transport activities have an important impact on carbon emissions. The traditional Danwei compound created a better structural...

Authors: L M Yuan, C Y Zhang, R Yan, G Z Zhao, L J Tian, Z X He, H Liu, Y Q Zhang

Abstract: An innovative step-feed Anaerobic-multiple Anoxic/Oxic-Membrane Bioreactor [An-M(A/O-MBR] process was developed to treat synthetic domestic...

Authors: Hai Shan Li, Yang Ding

Abstract: This paper proposes a direct three-dimensional (3D) numerical method in time domain for seismic soil-structure interaction (SSI) analysis of...


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