Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hidayah Mohd Aziz, Noor Idayu Masrom, Nur Fatin Sulaiman, Mohd Khairul Asyraf Amat Mustajab, Abdul Rahim Yacob

Abstract: The study of physicochemical properties such as surface area, particle size and basicity of heterogeneous catalysts is in great interest...

Authors: Kuldeep Kumar Saxena, Vivek Srivastava, Kamal Sharma

Abstract: The non-local formulation of elasticity has been introduced as a correction to the local theory in order to account for long ranged...

Authors: Fang Liu, Zhen Qing Wang, Wen Yan Liang, Yong Wei Qu

Abstract: Based on Zwick/Roell,this paper had carried on flexural experiments of epoxy resin filled with nano-silica particles, obtaining related...

Authors: Ahmed S. AL-Ghamdi, Mohammad Yeakub Ali

Abstract: This paper presents the study of rheological and thermal behaviour of high impact polystyrene/multiwall carbon nanotubes (HIPS/MWCNTs)...

Authors: M. Sirousazar, M. Kokabi, A.R. Bahramian, Z.M. Hassan

Abstract: In this work, nanocomposite hydrogels on the basis of Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and kaolinite nanoclay were prepared by the repeatedly...

Authors: S. Ahmadi, H.R. Shahverdi, S.S. Saremi

Abstract: Nano- crystallization of Fe55Cr18Mo7B16C4 bulk amorphous alloy has been analyzed by...

Authors: Asiful Islam, Latika Menon

Abstract: The anodization of aluminum templates created nanoporous alumina tubes arranged parallel to each other and electrodeposition using gold...

Authors: Wen Jie Zheng, Hong Jie Pei, Gui Cheng Wang, Chun Gen Shen

Abstract: In metal processing, lubricant penetration process can be explained by the capillary model theory. Observed through microscope, cylindrical...

Authors: Ling Lu, Yu Lin Yang

Abstract: Some terrible disasters of aircrafts were caused by inadequate lubrication or interruption of lubricant delivery of the gas turbine engine...

Authors: Heng Lin Yang, Zhong Ian Tian, Li Song Zhang, Xiang Zhen Yan

Abstract: Stable evaluation of coal strength is needed in coal well-bore stability analysis. The regular analysis method of wellbore stability adopts...


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