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Authors: Wen Lung Shu, Chia Hsuan Lee
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:Recently, protein-antibody therapeutics becomes a hot search topic. In this paper, all protein interaction data files are collected from...
Authors: Kang Ping Cui, Xiao Yan Cao, Song Jin
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:Constructed a two-chambered microbial fuel cell (MFC) and a similar abiotic fuel Cell----Steel fuel cell (SFC), studies the influence of...
Authors: Chang Le Pang, Li Chen, Ren Jie Dong
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:Worldwide changes in climate and environment forced us human beings to seek for alternatives to replace commercial energy products like coal...
Authors: Z. Xu, F.B. Zhang, L.L. Zhang, J. Li
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:The composting with chicken manure as raw material was carried out to study the effects of indigenous and exogenous inoculation on...
Authors: Li Hong Wang, Wei Ming Yi, Xue Yuan Bai, Yong Jun Li, Hong Zhen Cai
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:Final volatiles yield of biomass devolatization at flash heating rate was determined via experiments. Samples of wheat straw and corn stalk...
Authors: Deng Ling Jiang, Guo Wei Ni, Yan Hua Chen, Qing Jie Zhu
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:The content of assimilable organic carbon (AOC) has been proposed to control the growth of heterotrophic microbe in drinking water...
Authors: Worathanakul Patcharin, Kittipalarak Sriamporn, Anusarn Kanokkan
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:Bagasse ash is one of the agricultural wastes and valuable biomass by-products in sugar milling. It was treated hydrothermally with...
Authors: Mohammad Raza Perwez, Naveed Ahmad, Muhammad Sajid Javaid, Muhammad Ehsan ul Haq
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:Clinical Practice guidelines strongly relies on evidence based medical literature. In Health care domain decision support systems are playing...
Authors: Liliana Sandu, Sorin Porojan, Florin Topală
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:Modern welding proceedings can be a beneficial method for repairing marginal adaptation defects in fixed prostheses technology. The aim of...
Authors: Sorin Porojan, Liliana Sandu, Florin Topală
Chapter 16: Biomedical Manufacturing
Abstract:It is essential for a weld to satisfy the requirements of certain standards in the field where it is applied. The aim of the study was to...
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