Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Chun Zheng

Abstract: Library construction is a fundamental work in Cadence Allegro’s schematic and PCB (printed circuit board) constructing process. Existing...

Authors: Yong Sheng Zhang, Yun Yi Ma

Abstract: In order to improve the control quality of the water level for steam generator, a fuzzy level controller for steam generator is designed...

Authors: Dong Xiao Wang, Bei Xing Mao

Abstract: In this paper, chaos synchronization is studied. Two schemes are proposed to synchronizing Chen chaotic system with all the system...

Authors: Rong Fang Zong, Jing Ming Tian, Ji Shan Fan

Abstract: This paper discusses the design of the temperature and humidity monitoring system. It designs from software and hardware aspects in detail....

Authors: Xia Qing Li

Abstract: Accurate analysis and modeling of DC side short circuit transient is important for design of DC traction power supply system and assessment...

Authors: Zhan Fang Li, Xing Ming Xiao, Chi Ma

Abstract: Due to steelwork defects, there is undesired vibration of hoist cage in operation which will influence safety of hoist system. In this...

Authors: Zhen Huan Wang, Xi Jun Chen, Qing Shuang Zeng

Abstract: A new method is proposed to calibrate the installation errors of SINS. According to the method, the installation errors of the gyro and...

Authors: Song Ling Wang, Zhe Liu, Lei Zhang

Abstract: It’s of great significance for safe and reliable operation of fan to research on the stall characteristics of the airfoil. The 2D...

Authors: Li Kang

Abstract: This paper designed a set of counter system to hand flat knitting machine based on single-chip microcomputer, for the inconvenient of...

Authors: Ya Ping Wang, Mu Cheng Zhu, Lin Tang, Shi Jie Liu

Abstract: Air conditioning refrigerant leakage is often in the course of one fault occurs, the event of leakage, in a very short period of time...


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