Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Guai Lin

Abstract: For meeting the needs of the survey of agriculture environment communication in Hainan Province, an intelligent monitoring system was...

Authors: Ping Wang, Bao Hua Cheng, Zhi Bin Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces a Hopfield neural network theory to deduce the model of the detection of fractional harmonic. It also discusses the...

Authors: Yue Xie, Li Qing Shen, Jing Chen

Abstract: Iron-Core coils based electronic current transformer is often used with electrical measuring instrumnts and meters. However, the iron-core...

Authors: Zhou Ma, Xiao Ning Li, Xiao Ming Zhang

Abstract: A new practical fault location algorithm using two-terminal electrical quantities is presented in this article, which takes into account the...

Authors: Jiang Wang, De Fu Lin, Jun Fang Fan

Abstract: An analysis for controlling a static-unstable tactical missile using two-loop acceleration autopilot was detailed. The rate feedback loop...

Authors: Tong Yu Xu, Yun Cheng Zhou, Dong Ming Tan, Zai Lin Piao

Abstract: An improved TS algorithm is put forward on the condition that reactive power compensation location and capacity have been identified in...

Authors: Zeng Liao, Cheng Peng, Yong Wang

Abstract: The system identification problem of Multi-Input Multi-Output fractional order systems with Time-Delay is studied. A Frequency-Domain...

Authors: Kun Zhang, Hua Wang, Hui Tao Wang

Abstract: In this work, stability analysis of the Fractional-Order Arneodo system is studied by using the fractional Routh-Hurwitz criteria....

Authors: Bing Qian Wei, Hong Yun Xun, Rong Ge Xiao, Wen Qiang Meng

Abstract: The theoretical backing of the similarity laws obtained from dual dimensionless parameters of the bed-form classification diagram is given...

Authors: Chang Chun Chen, Jia Dan Wei, Bo Zhou, Guo Sheng Li

Abstract: Zero crossing points of Back-Electromotive force (EMF) is the most mature and widely used method of the speed sensorless control of...


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