Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Liang Liu

Abstract: Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a logic network established on top of a public packet switched network. Previous research works on VPN...

Authors: Mu Cheng Zhu, Shi Liang Nie, Ya Ping Wang, Yong Jiang, Jiong Guo

Abstract: Soakage agent in glass fiber production is critically, the stability of its quality is directly related to the stability of the glass fiber...

Authors: Shu Yi Guo, Su Lan Han

Abstract: Based on the grain orbit model, this paper built the raceway turbulent mathematical model on the consider of various factors, such as coke...

Authors: Yun Ping Liu

Abstract: The optimal nonholonomic motion planning for spacecraft multibody system is researched. The attitude motion equations of spacecraft...

Authors: Bin Ma, Tie Chi, Xiao Fu Ma, Xiang Bin Meng, Lin Chong Hao, Di Wang

Abstract: For the status quo that monitoring system for mechanical equipment has limited ability to integrate information and make decision, designed...

Authors: Bin Sun, Yue Li Hu

Abstract: The CAN-Bus technology in the automotive body control module applications is discussed, A experimental platform is designed for CAN-Bus...

Authors: Zhong Ling Zhao

Abstract: This approach to system analysis, understanding and analysis of optimization of the object, clear logistics optimization objectives, the...

Authors: Hu Wang, Shao Hua Li, Guang Cai Qi, Fu Sheng Lai

Abstract: The reliability of the nuclear power plant DCS is analyzed using Markov process to establish a mathematical model. And the initial use of...

Authors: Xia Jie Jin, Cai Xing Lin

Abstract: Piping engineering, which involves a plenty of materials and has a large-scale construction work quantity, is an important part of chemical...

Authors: Yong Sheng Pei, Jian Hua Zhao, Lei Wu, Juan Juan Xie

Abstract: It is a new design and manufacturing method which forming medical image data processing technology and multi-point forming technology for...


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