Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Tzu Tseng

Abstract: Bullwhip Effect, Particle Swarm Optimization, Supply Chain, Demand Information Abstract. A deformation phenomenon occurring in business...

Authors: Song Feng Tian, Wei Wang, Yun Feng Tian, Shuang Bai Liu

Abstract: There are many kinds of energy loss indicators in power plant, and there are some relevance among the various indicators. So extraction of...

Authors: Wei Bin Feng, Xi Hui Wang, Rong Guang Liang

Abstract: It is complex to simulate the system with continue controlled object and discrete controller, in order to avoid the complexity, a new method...

Authors: Guo Qing Long, Xiao Ping Zhu

Abstract: Aiming to find a solution, the method of cooperative area coverage reconnaissance for Multi-UAV system is proposed by combining centralized...

Authors: Ying Qiu, An Li Gao

Abstract: The mechanism of ultrasonic ranging has the advantages of being simple in structure, low cost, high measurement speed, and free from the...

Authors: Wen Qi Tian, Jing Han He, Jiu Chun Jiang, Cheng Gang Du

Abstract: With the increase of new energy power generation, the requirement of smart grid and the popularity of electric vehicles, the research focus...

Authors: Xiao Hu Zhou

Abstract: The accurate delineation of geothermal resources with remote sensing technology is one hot topic in recent years. Remote sensing images used...

Authors: Tao Fang, Jin Song Hu, Dao Gang Lu, Zhi Yin Liu

Abstract: This paper through describing the comparison between LingAo Phrase II ATWT and Tomari DAS (Diverse Actuation System) in some aspects which...

Authors: Hui Ling Xi, Si Min Yu, Hui Ling Xi

Abstract: Based on the Lyapunov stability theory, an adaptive full state hybrid function projective lag synchronization (FSHFPLS) scheme is...

Authors: Jun Liang, Xian Quan Han, Bo Hu, Yong Tan

Abstract: Canal reach soil of the south to north water transfer project has a certain expansibility. Concrete lining plates is puring on the soil....


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