Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Champa Jayasuriya, Kristalyn J. Mauch, Nabil A. Ebraheim

Abstract: The aim of this study is to evaluate the injectable cross-linked chitosan (CS) microparticles (MPs) to apply for biomedical applications...

Authors: Ahalapitiya H. Jayatissa, A.M. Soleimanpour, Yue Hao

Abstract: Optical, surface and structural properties of ZnO thin films fabricated by reactive radio- frequency (rf) magnetron sputtering and sol-gel...

Authors: Tian Shi Wang

Abstract: All the factors causing distribution system faults are analyzed for improving safety and reliability of power system. Comprehensive and...

Authors: Shu Ying Yang, Li Hong Wu, Zhao Xia Liu

Abstract: This dissertation researches on photovoltaic grid-connected generation system. Photovoltaic grid-connected generation system has two core...

Authors: Chang Qi Deng, Bin Li

Abstract: This paper analyses the performance characteristics of NTC magazine, introduces the mode and characteristic of tool selection, discusses the...

Authors: Jian Fei Sun, Bo Zhou, Hong Hao Guo, Guang Jie Zuo

Abstract: The Stand-Alone wind energy supply system equipped with a doubly Salient Electro-Magnetic Generator (DSEG) is presented in this paper....

Authors: Ming Zhang

Abstract: System on a programmable chip is designed for the development of embedded system.By embedding a micro_ processor in FPGA.SOPC not only takes...

Authors: Yan Yan Zhang, Li Qiang He

Abstract: Best Neighborhood Matching (BNM) has been shown to be an effective technique to recover a broken image due to a failed network transmission....

Authors: Yong Sheng Shi, Bo Wang, Ming Jie Dong, Zhi Feng Gao

Abstract: It is difficult to apply a traditional strapdown inertial navigation system(SINS) to spinning projectile because of high spin rate. A...

Authors: Liu Min Wang, Bo Mo

Abstract: The purpose of power-fail protection design is to ensure the certainty and integrity of system information. The key point of design...


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