Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sajjad Jafari, Mohammad Mahdi Taheri, Jamaliah Idris

Abstract: In this work hydroxyapatite coating through Sol-Gel method on stainless steel 316 L was investigated. Biocompatible additives such as...

Authors: N.K. Udayashankar, S. Rajasekaran, Jagannath Nayak

Abstract: This paper analyses the effect of protective coatings on the oxidation behavior of 6061Al/SiC composite material at temperatures ranging...

Authors: Shinichi Nishida, Kazuki Fukudome, H. Furusawa, M. Motomura, H. Watari

Abstract: Strip casting process is possible to shorten for producing strip. Strip is produced from molten metal continuously and directly by strip...

Authors: Shao Hua Li, Li Mei Du, Wen Hua Dong, Ling Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a numerical simulation was performed to investigate heat transferring characteristics on the leading edge of a blade with...

Authors: Li Fang Zhang, Min Wang

Abstract: The biosorption of neutral red, from aqueous solutions by Penicilium sp. biomass was studied in a batch system with respect to pretreatment...

Authors: Ming Wen, Wei Li, Xiao Ming Cao

Abstract: The stainless steel is more and more applications to the medical field; the most is the austenitic stainless steel. In this paper,...

Authors: Mei Chen Zhou, Fei Zhu

Abstract: At present, biological data provide possibility to further data analysis data, improving deep understanding on complicated regulatory model....

Authors: Xiang Ping Su, Da Chun Gong, Xiao Li, Guo Hua Chen

Abstract: The conditions for cellulase production were studied with the mixed germs of Aspergillus niger (A.niger) and Trichoderma viride (R.viride)...

Authors: Xiao Lin Fan, Zi Fu Li, Ting Ting Wang, Xin Jin, Fu Bin Yin

Abstract: Removal of hydrogen sulfide from waste and energy-rich gases is required not only because of environmental health and safety reasons, but...

Authors: Cheng Qian

Abstract: For making Eco-Friendly cellulose sponge, cellulose pulp dissolving properties were researched in this paper. NaOH and NaOH/Urea solutions...


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