Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shou Hao Li

Abstract: A FLC-PID controller is designed to solve parameter time changing and nor-linear problems of variable-pitch syetem. The FLC-PID control...

Authors: Jin Qiao Yuan, Yong Li Li, Bo Tong Li, Jie Sun, Zhen Tan

Abstract: This study presents a novel bidirectional dc-dc buck-boost converter compatible with the flywheel energy storage system (FESS) and a robust...

Authors: Yan Wang, Feng Lan Tian

Abstract: The fuzzy control can react to the environment change quickly and keep the photovoltaic system work on its maximum power point all the time....

Authors: Qun Feng Zhang, Jin Li Yan, Min Wang, Zhi Xiang Chen

Abstract: Averaged 3D N-S equations and RNG k-ε equations were solved with parallel computing CFD code on the flow field of dual radial ventilation...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Zhen Song

Abstract: To explore the mechanism for saving energy and reducing consumption in pelletizing process, the pelletizing process is decomposed...

Authors: Jun Liu, Jing Ru Chen

Abstract: Wind power is a clean and renewable energy, and its exploitation is developing rapidly across the world. The Variable Speed Constant...

Authors: Jun Rui Wang, Yan Ru Zhong

Abstract: In this paper, a topology for a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) using a direct Two-stage Matrix Converter (TSMC), connected between...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Kan Yu Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, two chiller water units connected in parallel working using the predatory search strategy was observed. Predatory search...

Authors: Tong Di He, Jian Wei Li

Abstract: In order to improve water quality retrievals of multi-spectral image accurately, this paper puts forward a method for water quality remote...

Authors: Jian Ping Zhang, Zhi Jiang Yan, Quan Fei Ding

Abstract: At present, there are two kinds of common generators in wind farms, which are induction generators (IG) and doubly-fed induction generators...


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