Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Li Xu, Yun Bo Zuo

Abstract: In order to enhance the sun tracking accuracy of photovoltaic power generation system and reduce the manufacturing cost of sun tracking...

Authors: Xin Yin Zhang, Zai Jun Wu, Si Peng Hao, Ke Xu

Abstract: Offshore wind farm is developed in the ascendant currently. The reliable operation, power loss, investment cost and performance of wind...

Authors: Zhen Bi Li, Wei Wei Zhu

Abstract: A supervisory control and data acquisition system is designed for wind farms, including the local controller and remote monitoring terminal....

Authors: Xiao Hui Zhang, Zhi Gang Lu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the factors on dynamic economic dispatch including wind farms. Environmental economic dispatch model including wind...

Authors: Rong Xia Sun, Jian Li Wang, Pan Pan Huang, Jian Kang, Xiao Feng Chen, Yi Tian

Abstract: With the development of new energy industry, the technicians in the area of solar-wind complementary grid-connected power generation are...

Authors: Xia You, Bo Zhou, Guang Jie Zuo, Hong Hao Guo

Abstract: Keeping wind energy conversion system (WECS) running on maximum power point (MPP) can make full use of wind energy. In this paper, authors...

Authors: Bo Li, Chun Xia, Li Xing, Zheng Yi Sheng

Abstract: Noting that in traditional study, the dynamic response of the tower structure under wind load is usually analyzed by explicitly applying...

Authors: Bo Li, Bo Chen, Chun Xia

Abstract: Evaluation on energy characteristics of a wind-excited transmission tower-line system is actively carried out in this study. The analytical...

Authors: Mei Wang, Li Liang, Kai Chen, Ning Wang

Abstract: As the information collection device of the current domestic down-hole gathers less information and with low precision, the down-hole...

Authors: Jun Qi Chen, Wei Wang

Abstract: Transmission line systems are vulnerable to winds and storms, particularly in cold climate regions where atmospheric ice accretes on network...


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