Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ru Wang, Jun Ling Zhang, Rui Xia Yang, Xiu Jun Zhang

Abstract: The threading dislocation density (TDD) of thick GaN films grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) was estimated through counting etch...

Authors: Yuan Suo Tian, Zhi Zhong Ding, Qiong Wang, Bao Qun Sun

Abstract: Automatic transmission may produce busy shifting on uphill and downhill. This article analyzes three algorithms about the estimation of road...

Authors: Jian Hao Zhou, Yin Nan Yuan, Xian Qiang Liu, Jia Yi Du

Abstract: An experimental paltform for simulating the starting process of a PFI engine was set up. The contrastive analysis of prototype engine...

Authors: Wei Hua Zong, Ming Xin Shao, Xiao Yun Qu

Abstract: The mode matching method is applied to analyze generalized ridged waveguides. The tangential fields in each region are expressed in terms of...

Authors: Hua Dong Shen, Xin Hua Xiao

Abstract: On many occasions, gas phase and liquid phase of original mixture needed to be measured in the processes of petroleum, chemical, natural gas...

Authors: Fu Xiang Lv, Yu Bin Miao, Qiang Zhu

Abstract: For the purpose of measuring the micro changes of morphological parameters of melon organ, this paper put forth a new algorithm based on...

Authors: Wei Liu, Xiao Jie Song, Wen Gang Chen

Abstract: It’s very difficult to get high precision measuring result using contact torquemeter because of very low signal-to-noise ratio. To overcome...

Authors: Yan Jun Zhao, Xuan Zhao, Shu Sheng Yue

Abstract: A new method, triboelectricity and ultrasonic, for the soot mass flow measurement is developed. The direct rod-shaped sensor is used to...

Authors: Sheng Jiang Wu, Dang Juan Li, Jin Jun Lu

Abstract: Based on the theory of Fabry-Perot interference, we analyzed the inherent relationship between single-wavelength and the spectrometry,...

Authors: Xu Qin, Dai Feng Zha

Abstract: In vibration measure the signal processing system of Gaussian model was abnormal for the pulse noise environment. So it was necessary to...


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