Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Yu Yu, Kai Li Zhang, De Zhong Ma, Zhen Zhou

Abstract: With regard to the problem that only single index has been used in assessment of reliability, a suitable comprehensive assessment method...

Authors: Jian Dong Duan, Wen Lu, Lin An

Abstract: ABB and SIEMENS schemes based on the voltage change rate are the existing main protection for HVDC transmission lines. But the analysis and...

Authors: Zhen Sheng Deng, Rui Ling Gao, Fang Wang

Abstract: Objective To study the correlation between the airway dimensions from third to five generation of bronchi, and pulmonary function test(PFT)...

Authors: De Quan Shi, Gui Li Gao

Abstract: According to the electromagnetic acoustic technology, an automatic system was constructed to detect the defects of steel tubes. On the basis...

Authors: Zhen Bu

Abstract: This paper discusses the sustainability of the areaway-attached basement concept with the attentions focused on wind-driven single-sided...

Authors: Quan Quan, Bing Shen

Abstract: How to determine a representative and economical soil sampling method that combines soil properties with advanced technologies has been an...

Authors: Zi Cheng Zheng, Shu Qin He

Abstract: Based on the determination method of the comprehensive domestic and international surface roughness, by the method of indoor artificial...

Authors: Chun Sheng Chen

Abstract: This paper presents an observer-based hybrid adaptive cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC) with a supervisory controller for...

Authors: Murizah Kassim, Ezril Hisham Mat Saad, Rosminah Mustakim

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of liquid drinks concentration using microprocessor based sensor. A prototype model based on hardware and...

Authors: Murelitharan Muniandy, Kanesan Muthusamy

Abstract: The automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a key component for the successful implementation of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). AGVs are...


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