Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Wei Zheng, Zheng Li, Hao Wang, Xiu Hui Chen, Dong Yang Zhang, Xue You Wen

Abstract: The radial temperature difference calculation of a steam drum shell is an important step in the process of calcu-lating its heat stress, so...

Authors: Lu Lu Zhang, Xuan Wang, Lu Nie

Abstract: As life-saving facilities for individual and family in current domestic market is almost blank, this paper, using the theory of man-machine...

Authors: Tien Tsan Hung

Abstract: Novel phthalocyanine derivative and azo derivative have been synthesized as photosensitizers for the dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). We...

Authors: R. Karthikeyan, K. Vijayakumar, R. Arumugam

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to investigate the suitability of Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) material SOMOLOY1000 for a Switched...

Authors: Ji Yan He, Jian Dan Ren, Yan Bin He

Abstract: Uniform parallel pores and controllable pore diameter make Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) membrane one of the best materials in synthesis of...

Authors: Ming Zong, Xiao Kang Wang, Yang Cao

Abstract: PM (Permanent Magnet) biased magnetic bearing with PM to replace the magnetic field produced by electromagnet an Active Magnetic Bearing...

Authors: Hong Bo Li, Xin Min Dong, Jun Guo, Yong Chen, Ting Ting Li

Abstract: An entropy generation analysis method based on the second law of thermodynamics was used to component level optimization design of aircraft...

Authors: Jin Ling Yang, Ru Cheng Han

Abstract: A nonlinear optimal controller for excitation control of synchronous generators is presented. Based on differential geometry theory, the...

Authors: Peng Fei Ji

Abstract: In reentry flight phase of reusable launch vehicle (RLV), its aerodynamic characters alter sharply, going with serious uncertainties and...

Authors: Shao Hua Li, Hong Wei Qu, Mei Li Wang, Ting Ting Guo

Abstract: The gas turbine blade was studied on the condition that the mainstream velocity was 10m/s and the Renolds number based on the chord length...


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