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Authors: Chao Yan Wan, Xiao Feng Li, Jun Yong Li, Ying Liu
Abstract: To achieve the damping design of an EMU bogie, the dynamic topology optimization is performed to the ATP hanging beam of bogie. Based on the HyperWorks / OptiStruct platform,the static and modal analyses on ATP are realized with the help of the finite element method. Then, the dynamic topology optimization is carried out in which improving the first natural frequency by variable density method is the optimization objective and the volume fraction and stress are the constraints. This optimization improves the structure and increases the natural frequency of the hanging beam. The design requirements are therefore satisfied. With the rapid development of high speed intercity rail, it's time to solve the security risk problem of trains. Using as the key components of high-speed bogie, more reasonable, safer and more reliable structure of ATP (Automatic Train Protection) hanging beam is needed by means of structural optimization, since it can improve the natural frequency of structure and increase the life of hanging beam on the hypothesis of meeting the fatigue strength conditions. Structural optimization design is a modern design manner combining the optimization techniques with the finite element analysis technology. In accordance with the degree of difficulty, it can be divided into size optimization, geometry optimization and structural topology optimization. The structural optimization design is the most challenging area because of the complexity of theory and calculation [1]. With the development and progress of technology, the dynamic characteristics of topology optimization for structures (including the natural frequency, mode shape, damping and stiffness and mass distribution, etc.) are attracted more and more attention[2]. The research focus mainly concentrates on the engineering applications [3-6]. In this paper, the dynamic topology optimization to the ATP hanging beam on a bogie is implemented by using the advanced structural optimization software named HyperWorks based on HyperWorks / OptiStruct platform [7]. An effective improvement plan of the ATP hanging beam is also introduced.
Authors: Feng Yong Lang, Xiao Gang Li
Abstract: A method based on data level fusion for solving the problem of multi-sources information fusion is discussed in this paper. Firstly, the credibility of multi-sources information is calculated based on the Euclid distance. Calculating the distance between the multi-sensors information and the experiment data, the shorter the distance is the better the degree of association between prior information and the population information is. The distance of multi-sources information is normalized to be the credible weight. Secondly, the unknown parameters of various probable distribution function is estimated with momentis method, in order to establish an optimal fused prior distribution. According to the momentis method, different random variable may have the same expectation and variance, in this paper we take some distribution function commonly seen for instance. Finally, demonstrations are carried out with MATLAB simulation to validate this method.
Authors: Jun Ping Zhuang, Lu Lin, Sun Yong, Chun Sheng Pang
Abstract: Xylitol can be obtained from hemicelullosic fraction of lignocellulosic materials containing D-xylose. Formic acid hydrolysis is widely used in lignocellulose pretreatment. However, formic acid hydrolysis wheat straw cannot be directly used as fermentation subsequently owing to various fermentation inhibitors, especially the formic acid in reaction system and released during pretreatment. This study describes main hydrolysis components and inhibitors prepared by hydrolysis of wheat straw with formic acid solution, and different detoxification methods ware used to romve the inhibitors. Study found treatment of wheat straw hydrolysate with overliming treatment and D311 ion-exchange resin had a good result on reduction formic acid and other main inhibitors, results showed which can eliminate 94% of residual formic acid and with only 15% reducion of xylose. To verify the effectiveness of different detoxification methods, hydrolysates of detoxification werr fermented by Candida.tropicalis AS2.1776, and the results also found that the hydrolysate treatmented with overliming treatment and D311 ion-exchange resin have the hightest xylitol yield.
Authors: Qi Yuan Sun, Ping Ge Jiang
Abstract: Fisheye lens as an image sensing is for extensive field such as navigational fixing of a mobile robot or an intelligent vehicle and so on. Since a fisheye imaging with wide visual angle can result serious image distortion especially at the image edge, so it is required to be corrected. The center and radius of a fisheye image should be determined before conversion from a fisheye image to a perspective image. Therefore, a method using least square fitting circle is presented in this paper to calibrate the center and radius for images of a fisheye lens, also a cylinder projection model is established to correct a fisheye image. The experimental results prove validity of the proposed methods.
Authors: Hai Zhao, You Ning Xu, Jun Qing Liu
Abstract: Fe-Mn-Ce oxides were used to remove carbonyl sulfide from syngas at moderate temperature in this work. Tests showed that the sorbent exhibited a high reactivity and sulfur capacity. At the same time, the sorbent exhibited better performance under cyclic operation. Thermogravimetry was used to study reaction kinetics when gas contained different gases on the desulfurization reaction. It was found that the apparent reaction activation energy was smaller in the atmosphere of reaction gas contains hydrogen than that in the absence of hydrogen.
Authors: Yan Shi, Zong Li Li
Abstract: New energy vehicles have bright prospect in the near future. In new energy vehicles some parts which are driven by engine through transmission will be replaced by electric drive, such as refrigeration compressor used for air conditioning and air compressor used for air brake system. Because of advantages, such as high efficiency, low friction, compact structure, and so on, linear compressor is suitable to solve above problems. In this paper a novel electric linear compressor is presented. Research work, such as simulation, structure design, control design, has been done. Further experiments are being done by my research team. We believe that electric linear compressor is worthy of being researched to popularize new energy vehicles.
Authors: Xian Yue Gang, Shan Chai
Abstract: Whole transfer matrix method is a powerful tool for calculating the critical speeds of multi-rotor system. With vector algebra, the six DOF relative displacement of a skew gear pair is deduced, then exciting force and moment generated by engagement force is calculated. By summing the inertia force and engagement loads, the whole transfer matrix of a skew gear pair is established. A numerical example illustrated the effect of different gear parameters on the critical speeds of the gear transmission system.
Authors: Xiao Lan Xie, Jing Zhang
Abstract: The resources on Manufacturing Grid are dynamic, diverse, distributed and isomeric, so their management is significantly complicated. However, people always want to obtain the newest resources’ information in the recent distance, in the shortest time. Thus, replica management of resource becomes necessary. This paper makes the following contributions. First, we elaborate the resources’ encapsulation technology on Manufacturing Grid. Second, we describe the main idea of replica management technology. In addition, we explain the working principle of component that is management replica—RLS (Replica Location Service). Finally, we first bring forward replica management technology of resource on Manufacturing Grid, and design a solution that resources’ replica management technology on Manufacturing Grid.
Authors: Gui Qing Zhang, Lin Zhang, Ming Wang, Bin Shen, Cheng Dong Li, Qiao Yan
Abstract: An energy-saving control system for building heating supply system is presented in this paper. Its design and implementation are on the basis of occupancy detection in buildings. By taking advantage of the information fusion technology, the control system will determine human’s location and control the heating equipments automatically according to non-human zone and human zone to realize the energy saving. The information fusion technology fuses three categories of information, which are the people counting information, the infrared sensors information and the RFID information. How to design and implement the heating energy-saving control system is described explicitly in this paper. Since the system has developed with platform concept based on the wireless network and the Internet, it can be used to other building electrical equipment systems with less modification.
Authors: Hua E Wang
Abstract: In this paper, acid protease treatment was studied on anti-felting finishing of wool knitted fabric and the optimal process conditions were obtained by orthogonal experiment. The technical parameters were hydrogen peroxide concentration 40mL/L, temperature 45°C, time 45min, pH value 8, concentration of protease 5 % (owf), pH value 5, temperature 40°C and time 35min. Through this process, the felt resistance property of wool knitted fabric has been improved greatly. Because of low temperature, energy consumption, environmental pollution, this process belongs to environmental protection and energy saving technology.

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