Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ye Min Guo, Lan Mei Wang, Yun Yan Ge

Abstract: According to the requirement of measurement of plantar pressure, this thesis puts forward a plan to construct a new insole plantar pressure...

Authors: Qian Peng, Li Ren Zhou

Abstract: This paper takes metal-insulator-metal system as example and investigates the main types of electrical contact through the view of energy...

Authors: Jing Li, Qiu Wen Chen, Da Mei Li

Abstract: To maintain the ecosystem health and guarantee the social-economic water demand in the Dongjiang river basin, proper management of the water...

Authors: Ming Lin Yao, Yu Jun Guan, Cui Ying Dong

Abstract: In the ultrasonic gas temperature measurement system, the principle is that the velocity of sound in gas is a function of temperature. But...

Authors: Er Wei Cheng, Qing Guo Wang, Xing Zhou

Abstract: Research on the shielding effectiveness (SE) of small shielding enclosures has attracted more and more attention since small shielding...

Authors: Chong Sheng Hou

Abstract: The accurate measurement of the length of steel plate is the key to control technology for cross-cutting production line. Three steel plates...

Authors: Qiang Fu, Hong Zhao, Nan Cao, Jin Jun Li

Abstract: Three-dimension vision coordinates measurement presents many virtues such as high accuracy, flexible construction, simple operation, large...

Authors: B. Gu, J.C. Tan

Abstract: A transformer protection scheme using fault component computed from instantaneous measurement values is proposed in this paper. The...

Authors: Jian Ying Yuan, Xian Yong Liu, Zhi Qiang Qiu

Abstract: In optical measuring system with a handheld digital camera, image points matching is very important for 3-dimensional(3D) reconstruction....

Authors: Qing Liu, Yan Yan Chang, Yan Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the correction factor is introduced to improve the wavelet packet entropy, which is used to analyze the transient fault...


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