Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Yu Hu, Hong Jun Fu, Jun Yong Wu, Lu Yu Ji, Xi Lu Zhang

Abstract: A general power quality measuring system based on virtual instrument (LabVIEW) has been developed. For two electric railway traction...

Authors: Xiu Shui Ma, Xie Ma, Xiao Chao Qian

Abstract: In order to ensure the operating security of pressure containers, the P. R. China make a corresponding standard of producing, checking and...

Authors: Chun Mei Xu, Hao Zhang, Dao Gang Peng

Abstract: Analyzing grey correlation grade method, a fault diagnosis method of improved grey correlation grade is presented for turbine generator...

Authors: Ai Guo Li, Wen Biao Wang

Abstract: A robot with a laser range finder to its hand is presented for the inspection of manufactured parts. The transformation from the hand frame...

Authors: Li Ling Sun, Bao Long Zhang

Abstract: Bearing, asynchronous deep groove ball bearings are widely used in induction motor field. Motor bearing failure probability is as high as...

Authors: Dong Xing Tian, Shu Kui Han

Abstract: The Lower DOF parallel robot rely on strictly geometrical constraints of axis of pairs in and between limbs to obtain the reduced number of...

Authors: Rui Lan Liu, Wei Liu, Peng Liu, Qian Dou

Abstract: The action of V/Hz limiter of generator excitation system and its influence on generator in isolated operation are analyzed with the...

Authors: Su Qi, Xing Xing Chen, Qing Xu

Abstract: Wind-induced vibration of long span bridges mainly as flutter, buffeting and vortex induced vibration. Buffeting and vortex-induced...

Authors: Bin Feng Pan, Shuo Tang

Abstract: This paper presents numerical enhancements for optimal closed-loop ascent guidance through atmospheric. For 3-dimensional ascent...

Authors: Ding Li, Song Lin Wo, Xiong Zhu Bu

Abstract: In allusion to the compensation of environmental magnetic field for using three-axis magnetic sensor, a twelve-position calibrating method...


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