Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Hua Gao, Guo Wei Liu, Xiao Ming Liu, Zeng Feng Lai

Abstract: The numerical calculation model with compound insulation of transient electrical field is established. The types of voltage applied on the...

Authors: Hai Hong Xiao, Tao Chen

Abstract: The paper mainly discusses how to calculate composition error of low-voltage metering device. The composition error of metering device, the...

Authors: Jia Kuan Xia, Ye Yuan, Wei Huang

Abstract: Torque ripple reduction of the brushless DC motor has been the main issue of the servo drives in which the speed fluctuation and the...

Authors: Tian Ze Li, Ke Ping Hu, Luan Hou, Chuan Jiang, Heng Wei Lu, Xia Zhang

Abstract: This paper, innovative approaches are based on laser scanning and image analysis, presents an efficient composite technique for object...

Authors: Zhi Qin Huang, Pei Ying Quan, Jin Li Zhang

Abstract: In the past half century, the camera industry has developed very rapidly, which drove the optical lens and optical zoom technology to make...

Authors: Peng Sun, Bin Lei, Zhi Yuan Li, Ke Yi Zhao, Chun Long Guo

Abstract: For improving launching velocity and efficiency of intercepting plate in active electromagnetic armor protective system, theoretically...

Authors: Zhen Ning Zhao, Ya Qin Ge, Xian Ran Zhu, Cheng Yong Liu, Qing Feng Zhang, Zhen Zhou Zhao

Abstract: Currently, the most widely used method to calculate boiler efficiency is based on wet basis oxygen which is measured by online instrument,...

Authors: Ming Jie Dong, Bo Wang, Zhi Feng Gao

Abstract: A new method that uses the same clock signal between the frequency test system and the I/F converter is provided to avoid the frequency test...

Authors: Ding Feng, Guan Jun Xu, Yuan Hua Zhou, Hong Zhang, Xiao Fei Chang, Li Liu

Abstract: The metering and controlling of down hole flow has became an important and indispensable technology in the development of oil field as well...

Authors: Chuan Bo Liu, Yi Min Mo, Ming Li

Abstract: In order to seek methods of reducing the coolant resistance of radiators in mini-vehicle, the resistance distribution in minicar radiators...


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