Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Yang, Hai Fei Si

Abstract: An integrated system for neural network and symbolic inference is presented. In the system the two intelligent functions, neural network and...

Authors: Miao Yang, Rui Ming Liu, Qiang Liu, Hong Yuan Zhang

Abstract: The Electronic Police System is an important trend of the development of the Intelligent Traffic System present. Aim at video images taken...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Ma, Shi Yu Sun, Yuan Zeng Cheng, Chun Ping Wang

Abstract: At the closed-loop calibration research of anti-aircraft weapons systems, the miss distance between target and projectiles is difficult to...

Authors: Xin Wang, Li Song Zhang, Xiang Zhen Yan

Abstract: According to Mohr-Coulomb criterion, the yield approach index (YAI) of Hoek-Brown criterion is derived. The rock-mass intact coefficient KV...

Authors: Cheng Yan Song, Bai Qing Liu, Jing Jiang, Feng Ling Li

Abstract: An Ice-Detecting and Ice-Melting System of Electricity-Transmitting Lines based on ZigBee Wireless Communication uses ZigBee wireless...

Authors: Hong Da Liu, Wen Jie Yue, Hai Lan, Dian Hua Zhang

Abstract: Based on support vector machines (SVM) theory, a new method of fault diagnosis for controlled rectifier circuits is proposed in this paper....

Authors: Shu Lian Yang, Jin Shen, Zhen Mei Li, Bo Xue Tan, Kai Zhao

Abstract: A temperature and humidity measurement system for grain storage is developed. In the system, digital temperature and humidity sensors and...

Authors: Bao Dong Bai, Chong Li

Abstract: In order to acquire the magnetic properties parameter of transformer core under DC bias conditions, also to reveal the accurate analysis and...

Authors: Zhi Xian Pi, Ru Zhi Xu, Jian Guo

Abstract: Short-term load forecasting in power system is an important daily work in Dispatch Operation Department of Power System. The level of...

Authors: Xue Mei Xu, Qin Mo, Lan Ni, Qiao Yun Guo, An Li

Abstract: In the video encoding system, motion estimation plays an important role at the front-end of encoder, which can eliminate inter redundancy...


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