Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Jing Nie, Tie Ying Li

Abstract: A vibration reducing system of seismic isolation bearings is introduced into beam string structures. The vibration control on seismic...

Authors: Shao Jiang Wang, Li Hou, Yu Lin Wang, Jian Quan Zhang

Abstract: In order to ensure that small diameter steel pipes with thick wall have high intensity and high quality, ultrasonic immersion method with...

Authors: Wu Zhang, Yi Peng Lan, Feng Ge Zhang

Abstract: In order to eliminate the friction force of linear motor nc machine tool feed system and improve the machining precision, a new Self...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Kan Yu Zhang

Abstract: Good dynamic performance of a system have great significance in the traditional sense, furthermore,it is more important at the point of...

Authors: Jian She Gao, Wei Wei Yang, De Ping Liu, Yu Ping Wang, An Qing Zhang

Abstract: Five-axis turning-milling center is an important and advanced NC machine in fields of military industry, aerospace, automobile and medical...

Authors: Ping Zhang, Guang Yao Ouyang, Jian Ming Lv

Abstract: Based on orthogonal design, a four factors and four levels experimental scheme were made. On a special test platform, under different heat...

Authors: Lu Hui Lin, Jie Ma, Xiao Li Xu

Abstract: Kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) is presented and is applied to predict the huge electro-mechanical system fault. Take the gas...

Authors: Dan Zhang, Xiang Ning Xiao, Lin Yang, Ben Feng Gao

Abstract: Subsynchronous Oscillation problems caused by HVDC system are studied and analyzed intensively in this paper based on eigenvalue analysis...

Authors: Yi Qiang Wang, Rui Jian Huang, Tian Yi Xu, Ke Hong Tang

Abstract: The method based on the theory of Fuzzy Pattern Recognition is divided into three parts. Firstly, use Hough transformation to extract the...

Authors: Xu Sheng Zhao, Zhi Quan Deng, Bo Wang, Chun Hua

Abstract: A new permanent magnet bias axial magnetic bearing (PMAB) is introduced, then the structure and operation principle are analyzed. The...


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