Structural Integrity and Failure, 2008

Volumes 41-42

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Duan, Xiao Zhi Hu

Abstract: In this paper, the extensively-reported “size effect” phenomena in fracture mechanics tests are explained using the boundary effect...

Authors: Qiang Li, Xu Dong Sun, Jing Yuan Yu, Zhi Gang Liu, Kai Duan

Abstract: Artificial neural network (ANN) is an intriguing data processing technique. Over the last decade, it was applied widely in the chemistry...

Authors: Roger N. Lumley

Abstract: Until recently, the solution heat treatment of conventional aluminum high pressure die cast (HPDC) parts has been considered impractical...

Authors: K.S. Kim, H.S. Kim, C.B. Lim

Abstract: The fatigue life data obtained under stress control conditions with and without mean stress are interpreted with reference to mean stress...

Authors: B.P. Fillery, Xiao Zhi Hu, Gordon Fisher

Abstract: A practical method to evaluate the thermal shock stress intensity factors (TS-SIF`s) associated with a flexibly restrained edge-cracked...

Authors: Wei Ma

Abstract: A recoverable plate impact testing technology has been used for studying the growth mechanisms of mode II crack. The results show that...

Authors: Graham R. Lobley, Waleed L. Al-Otaibi

Abstract: Unexpected tube failure is the major factor causing unreliability in utility boilers. The first step in analyzing tube failures is to...

Authors: N. Samat, Alan Whittle, Mark Hoffman

Abstract: The cyclic fatigue threshold value (Kth) of PVC materials with (PVC-M) and without (PVC-U) impact modifier was determined and compared in...

Authors: Chris Wallbrink, Wei Ping Hu

Abstract: Recently an effective block approach has been proposed to address the experimentally observed high growth rates of fatigue cracks at the...

Authors: Daya Dayawansa, Mahinda Kuruppu, Fidelis Mashiri

Abstract: Failures in hoist and drag ropes are studied and described based on site inspections on Marion and BE draglines. Causes of the failures are...


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