Structural Integrity and Failure, 2008

Volumes 41-42

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Zhe Lv, Xiao Dong Li, Di Huo, Xu Dong Sun, Shao Wei Chen, Chi Tay Tsai, Yinong Liu, Kai Duan

Abstract: YAG nanopowders were synthesized by a co-precipitation method using ammonium hydrocarbonate and ammonia water as the precipitants...

Authors: Dariusz Alterman, Hiroshi Akita

Abstract: Knowledge of the tension softening process of concrete is essential to understand fracture mechanism, further to analyze fracture...

Authors: Sheng Wang Hao, Ju Sun

Abstract: Pattern competition and selection of strain localization were observed in rocks under uniaxial compression. The localization may be the...

Authors: Hai Ying Wang, Yong Liu, Sheng Wang Hao, Yi Long Bai

Abstract: The microstructural heterogeneity and stress fluctuation play important roles in the failure process of brittle materials. In this paper, a...

Authors: Bai Feng Gao, Hui Jian Li, Li Xin Zhang

Abstract: We describe the design and construction about the Ultrasonic method to determine the defects in concrete structure. The wave velocity and...

Authors: Bruno A. Latella

Abstract: In this study the creep behaviour and adhesion characteristics of hybrid sol-gel silica-based coatings on copper substrates was examined....

Authors: Li Ping He, Yong Tian, Lu Lin Wang

Abstract: Natural fiber reinforced polypropylene composites (NF/PP) have attracted a lot of attention because of their light weight, good mechanical...

Authors: J. Sommers, H.S. Kho, R. Al-Ghamedi, It Meng Low, Ian J. Davies, Bruno A. Latella

Abstract: Epoxy composites reinforced with recycled cellulose fibre (RCF) have been synthesized and characterized. The reinforcement by RCF has...

Authors: Sudarisman, Ian J. Davies

Abstract: The microstructure (i.e., fibre volume fraction, void content, and fibre misalignment) of unidirectional carbon fibre-reinforced polymer...

Authors: Zhong Cheng Guo, Xiao Yun Zhu, Rui Dong Xu

Abstract: The hardness, wear rates, phase structure and morphologies of DC(direct current) and PC(pulse current )electrodeposited Ni-W-P-SiC,...


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