Materials and Product Technologies

Volumes 44-46

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Qian, Y.H. Zhou, J.C. Pei

Abstract: An accelerated life model is an important factor affecting the evaluation of test data. Avoiding the existent difficulties of treating...

Authors: P.X. Yi, Shi Yuan Liu, Y.M. Hu, W. Liu

Abstract: As an important means to improve the reliability of complex manufacturing systems and to ensure that they can function better, condition...

Authors: Chu Yang Luo, Jun Jiang Xiong, R.A. Shenoi

Abstract: This paper outlines a new technique to address the paucity of data in determining fatigue life and performance based on reliability...

Authors: Hai An, Wei Guang An, Y.L. Zhao, Zheng Ji Song

Abstract: Based on BAYES data processing theory, a new method of fuzzy probability is proposed for the parameter reliability of small sample. Prior...

Authors: Zhou Yang, Yi Min Zhang, Li Sha Zhu

Abstract: In the reliability-based analysis of mechanical joints, as each factor has different effect on the failure of mechanical joints, the...

Authors: Chang Li, Zhi Li Sun

Abstract: With the application of explicit dynamics and probability finite element method, reliability virtual experiment of deep groove ball bearing...

Authors: Hao Gao, H.Y. Dai

Abstract: Friction brake is still an absolutely necessary way of brake in high speed vehicle today. Complex nonlinear vibration phenomena appear in...

Authors: Yu Dong Lu, Xiao Qi He, Yun Fei En, Xin Wang

Abstract: In advanced electronic products, electromigration-induced failure is one of the most serious problems in fine pitch flip chip solder joints...

Authors: Li Juan Lu, Xiao Gui Wang, Li Jian Zhuang, Zeng Liang Gao, Y.Y. Jiang

Abstract: Partial slip rolling contact was analyzed in this paper by the finite element method with the application of a robust cyclic plasticity...

Authors: Bao Xiang Qiu, Zeng Liang Gao, Li Juan Lu, Xiao Gui Wang, Y.Y. Jiang

Abstract: In this investigation two fatigue crack growth models based on the different physical assumptions were systematically analyzed. One model...


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