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Authors: Jiang Hai He, Yong Xiang Zhao, Bing Yang
Abstract: A management system on fatigue and fracture reliability database is developed for Chinese engineering materials. Considering extensibility, maintainability, reliability, safety, economy, and convenient usage, the system was established on a basis of combining technologies of IIS+ASP.NET +ADO.NET+SQL Server. Seven sub-databases were included. Main contents consist of probabilistic fatigue constitutions, fatigue strengths, strength-life curves, strain strength-life curves, cracking thresholds, fracture roughness values, and fatigue crack growth rates. Three searching ways are provided respectively by material name, chemical compositions, and mechanical properties. Perfect information for the seven sub-databases has been derived to benefit the wide applications for practice.
Authors: Feng Lin, Yong Xiang Zhao
Abstract: The distributed fatigue stresses of 353130B roller bearing of China freight car with K5 type titling bogie are investigated using an elastic-plastic finite element (FE) analysis. Policy of two steps is applied. First, an integral FE analysis is performed on adapter-bearing-axle-wheel-track interactive system. Second, local analysis is applied to the local axle-bearing-adapter part, in which on the section of axle is with the bound condition obtained from the integral analysis. Wheel contact force spectrum on a curved railway line by on-line inspection is used for the present study. Previous proposed multivariate quadratic regression approach is applied for transferring the load spectrum to the dynamic stress spectrum at a special position of the bearing. Results reveal that the rollers, innerand outer-rings of bearing are subjected to distribute axially equivalent stress amplitude. The closer to axle side, the larger the equivalent stress amplitude. The equivalent stress amplitude of outer ring at the position close to the seal seat is relative larger to that of inner ring. The results are consistency with the shell failures of the bearings in production. Availability of present study is indicated.

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