Materials and Product Technologies

Volumes 44-46

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dan Zhang, Wei Guang An, Xin Shui Lu

Abstract: According to the piezoelectric material damage theory and the fracture criterion based on damage theory, which has been established by Yang...

Authors: X.Y. Shao, Jun Wu, Ya Qiong Lv, Chao Deng

Abstract: As the reliability test data of complicated mechanical products is rare in quantity on the system-level and difficult to determine the...

Authors: R. Jiang, Xiao Na Yuan

Abstract: Manufacturing enterprises need to manage many inventory items. To effectively manage the inventory, a usual practice is to classify the...

Authors: Xian Fu Cheng

Abstract: The grey relation analysis is a kind of quantitative analysis method based on factors compared. The information axiom of axiomatic design...

Authors: Xiao Ming Qian, Dun Bing Tang

Abstract: In this paper a simulation algorithm for concurrent product development process (CPDP) is presented based on Design Structure Matrix (DSM)....

Authors: Xiao Ming Qian, Dun Bing Tang

Abstract: A product structure model for Rapid Product Design (RPD) is discussed. It is composed of Assembly Topology Tree (ATT) that describes the...

Authors: G. Hong, P. Dean, W. Yang, Y.L. Tu, D. Xue

Abstract: One-of-a-kind production (OKP) is a new manufacturing paradigm to produce customized products based on requirements of individual customers...

Authors: Zhao Hui Huang, W. Su

Abstract: Today, people have gradually realized that when we use new technology to create more comfortable life, it has paid a heavy environmental...

Authors: Liang Jun Li, Zhao Hui Huang, Qi Lin Xiong

Abstract: A great idea always needs a certain shape to express itself. Meanwhile, a nice product design conveys its own connotation through a certain...

Authors: J.F. Li, Suo Long Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the research and development of the distribution of air-holes in the groove of air-cushion belt conveyor were introduced....


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