Materials and Product Technologies

Volumes 44-46

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dun Bing Tang, M.J. Xu, M. Wan

Abstract: Function modeling and evolution is a key stage in conceptual product design. To enable the efficient functional evolution, the functional...

Authors: G.Q. Shang, C.H. Sun, X.F. Chen

Abstract: The paper presents an innovative process of designing elastic braces to protect injured joints. Based on the included box of 3D scanned...

Authors: Wen Hua Gao, J. Ma, L. Kang

Abstract: This paper puts forward a method for a location system for colliery worker based on wireless mesh network combined with zigbee technology...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: An effective process was developed using electroremoval as a precision removal-process for indium tin oxide (ITO) thin-film nanostructures...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: A new tool product consists of an effective electrode and a nonconductive roller utilizing rolling-leveling assistance in ultrasonic...

Authors: Xian Fu Cheng

Abstract: Robust optimization design essentially has multiple objectives. The compromise Decision Support Problem (DSP) is a multi-objective...

Authors: Dong Xing Cao, Xiao Jun Zhang, Q.L. Jia, L.X. Nan

Abstract: Configuration design lies in the later stage of the conceptual design. It affects the downstream of design process and decides product...

Authors: Zhu Gao, Xiao Min Ji, Chun Qiang Zhang

Abstract: In the appearance design of a product, the designer should combine his/her creative thinking with the industrial design approaches and...

Authors: Ramezan Ali Mahdavinejad

Abstract: Ball lock punches with non-circular sections, as a cutting tool in carbide dies, are widely used in car manufacturing industries. In this...

Authors: Xun Cheng Wu, Cong Li, Ruo Ping Zhang, Hai Bo Zhang

Abstract: A function-oriented designing and generating technology for the point-contact tooth surfaces of spiral bevel and hypoid gears is...


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